Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Doll Advent

For those celebrating, I hope you had a happy Christmas surrounded by those you love. 

I didn't make too many handmade gifts this year.   As pictured above, the children's gifts were wrapped in little personalized fabric sacks from Michaels.  I found the idea / tutorial here.

To start off the Advent season, I made Lily a brush lettering Advent Calendar using two Walmart tea towels - the slots were filled it with watercolour pens from Miniso.
I also put together an Advent calendar for Hope and her dolls.   It took some planning, but it was fun.  I would have like to include a mini jar of Bon Mamam and a jig saw puzzle and a mini sled, but I could not find those items.  
Top Row
1 Winner gift card holder stocking and mini envelopes and Christmas cards
2. a copy of the Grinch
3. a bucket of snowballs
4. a mini snowglobe
Second Row
5. gingerbread house music box
6. mini Nativity and St. Nicholas chocolate
7. antler barrettes
8. hotwater bottle (actually a handwarmer)
9. baking aprons
Third Row
10. nutcrackers
11. Russel Stover chocolates
12. Tim Horton's 2018 holiday ornament (coffee tray)
13. Santa Lucia braided hearts
14. pillowcases
Fourth Row
15. mini pannettone
16. fancy drinks from Tim's and Starbucks
17. mini fondue set (Babybel cheese)
18. handknit cowl
19. mini Nutella
Bottom Row
20. vinyl holiday albums
21. solstice birdhouses and seed
22. trainset and personalized ornaments
23. quilt
24. Santa's key and a copy of the "Night before Christmas"

Our Walton's Mountain Road Trip 2018

When I was selecting a family photo for our Christmas card, I came across the Walton's Christmas message and a lovely wish ...

....You children may squabble and bicker among yourselves but you’ve been taught to love and to give, and that’s the greatest present your Momma and Daddy could have given you. So take pleasure in the trappings of Christmas. Be merry like the songs say. Revel in the tinsel and the glitter and the sparkle and sing the old songs for all the joy that’s in them and the memories they bring back. But to touch the real Christmas, to feel the true spirit of the season, look to your own heart and find all the secret treasures that they’re there to give. There is one wish that I make every year. I never said it aloud before, but I’ll tell it to you now. I wish for all the seasons I have known, endlessly to come and go; the dogwood Spring, the watermelon Summer, the russet and gold of Autumn. I wish for Christmas to come again and for each of us to be here again next year at this time...together, safe, warm and loved as we are at this moment...

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