Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blues Brothers Photo shoot for Father’s Day

One of the Mister’s favourite films from youth is The Blues Brothers.   The girls have seen most of the musical scenes from the film (some of the script is not age appropriate). 

They especially love the scenes with {Pastor} James Brown and Aretha Franklin. 

Among our toys, we keep a basket of toy instruments and costumes and the girls like to re-enact parts of the film.  For Father’s Day, I captured their antics on camera.


For our card, I had one of the photographs printed in black and white and they stuck it to a vinyl LP.


Have a great week and for those celebrating dad today, wishing you a happy one!



  1. Our favourite film too!
    Lovely, lovely card!

  2. Oh what a fun photo shoot!! I hope he loved it!!

  3. A darling idea - and I love all the shots of your girls....


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