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We have a space in our backyard which is quite shady due to the overhang of our neighbour’s three umbrella catalpa trees.   I wanted to use this spot for a little outdoor  reading area for the girls.  I found this neat tutorial over at Twig & Toadstool which reinvents old wooden bowls into toadstools.   I used a slightly different wooden bowl than the tutorial - those parquet  type you used to see in the seventies.  I found 8 bowls at Value Village (cost about 6$ total) and transformed the bowls into decorative toadstools of various sizes.

IMG_2876 IMG_2838 I used Krylon’s two in one spray paint in Cherry Red (two coats) and then painted the white circles free hand with acrylic paint.  I then sprayed the entire bowl with Krylon’s crystal clear acrylic finish.

IMG_2842 I then drilled a hole in the middle of the bowl and affixed the bowl to a stump with a woodscrew.  You can see the screw in this photo.


My neighbour has a woodpile and gave me the two large stumps which act as seating for the reading area.

IMG_2898 A chandelier which I salvaged from another neighbour (sprayed yellow)


and a little “cuckoo clock” (Lily made this in the winter, the tutorial is found over at Ever Kelly).


The big toadstool between the stumps is a useful table for bowls of berries.





The girls love this addition to our yard, although they sort of bicker about who gets to sit on the stump under the chandelier.  That is the preferred stump!

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  1. what a great little outside reading nook! I love those shrooms. Im thinking I might like to make a few of the smaller ones to put out in a few spots in my disaster of a yard! Very cute.
    Thanks for the prayers. the doctors are deciding this morning if he is stable enough for surgery today. They should be discussing it right about now.
    I'll be sure to post something later.

  2. Another idea that I need to borrow for the girls treehouse! Absolutely darling!! Love the addition of the yellow chandelier.

  3. Oh KJ!! You cannot hear me, but I am squealing with delight looking at this gorgeousness!!!! I love toadstools, I am mad about them,and the reading nook is a little piece of haven for little girls to be and read! This is an extremely amazing project!!

  4. nice little reading nook in your backyard :)

  5. How insanely cute are these?!?! Thank you for sharing! I must make some NOW! :)

  6. oh gosh what a dream!! little fairies on toadstools! And to turn it into a reading corner! LOVE IT!

  7. that is the cutest little nook. Great job on the toadstools KJ!

  8. The toadstools are fantastic. I think my kids would be fighting over that spot too. So fun.

  9. Soooooooooooooooo neat - love all the photos of the girls in their nook!! Great job MOM!! :)

    Darling and way beyond cute - so many superlatives for this one...

  10. I am jumping up and down over here! i can leave a comment!

    This post is an absolute delight! Love the toadstools - how can i help it having been in love with white spotted red toadstools since i was old enough to read Raggedy Ann!

    You have inspired me to think more seriously about getting on with my desire to learn to carve - at least well enough to make toadstools!

    And your images of the girls in the garden... OMG . OMG. I don't even know what to say except that I love every single one!

    Well done you!

  11. Oh my, I am speechless. Apart from to say that is SOOOOO cool. That's it, I'm off to find some bowls!

  12. Amazing, KJ! Absolutely clever and incredible space that any child would adore! You've outdone yourself.

  13. LOVE this sweet little nook! Thank you so much for linking up to us and our "All Spunk No Junk"! Lucky little kiddies to have such an enchanted spot all to themselves!! xo maureen

  14. Those are adorable! I am making those FOR SURE!

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. I looove it all !! so sweet : And nice photos ! Any girl would want the same !!!!


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