Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bear / Doll Carrier from Little Things to Sew

ummm or Unicorn carrier….

This month, I joined in with Jessica over at a little gray's Little Things to Sew-along.   This carrier has been on my “sewing to-do list” for a long time and was the reason I purchased the book last spring – especially after I saw Holly's post about her completed carrier.  The sew-a-long was just what I needed to stop procrastinating further.
I stitched up two carriers - one for Hope and for her little friend who turns four this week.
For the exterior, I used Robert Kaufmann’s Sweet Tooth fabric and for the interior and the straps, cream corduroy.  The instructions suggest cotton batting, but I used fusible fleece which worked fine. 
IMG_8411Here is Hope sporting her new carrier.  She likes to play “family” and loves playing with dolls.  I recently found this particular doll at St. Vincent de Paul.  It is a Horsman doll (1976). She named her Annika - she names all of her dolls Annika (her favourite Pippi Longstocking character).
It felt good to finally complete this project and I think Hope will enjoy it.
Wishing you a great week,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar New Year Celebrations


We get a CNY photo each year and I send them out to our relatives using the corresponding Canada Post stamp. 

Each year, they wear a different outfit and I have always been able  to find an outfit second hand. The outfits above were $1 each at St. Vincent de Paul.  Last year, for the year of the Rabbit, they wore pink.

Jan-07-11-1  This weekend, I took the girls to see the lion dance at the Brickworks and we also went to a CNY party.






Members of Toronto’s Chinese Symphony Orchestra

IMG_1948China Town







I figured out how to make lucky red envelope fishes {this video is so helpful}

IMG_1890 IMG_1887 If you are going to a party, it is a nice touch to add a paper fish to some blossoms as a hostess gift.  The wealth doll is available free from Canon (it took me nearly an hour to put together!).

IMG_1988 For the party, Lily wanted a special hairstyle. One of the student teachers at her school wears chopsticks so she asked that I give that style a try.


Evangeline Hope at the party – she loves parties, noodles, and dumplings. IMG_2000 IMG_2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai,


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Folding Cloths

Have you ever heard of "folding cloths"? I hadn’t.
It’s not a new thing, but it is new to me.

My sister recently incorporated a Laundromat dramatic play unit with her kindergarten class and she told me how she incorporated a folding cloth activity which is apparently based on a Montessori activity.  She showed me these as an example.  I thought I would try to make my own. 

Lily has been very interested in having a list of specific defined chores (where my approach was less defined, just help). I think Lily became interested in “chores” from the Little House stories.  
One of her “chores” is to help fold the laundered kitchen linens, as well as face cloths.  She was having great difficulty, but after trying the folds on these gridded cloths, she improved.   The cloths are really easy to make especially if you find some thrifted linen serviettes.  Just stitch folding grid lines with contrasting thread. 
She tested the activity.
After some mastery, I gave her a basket of laundered tea towels.
IMG_1934 She is trying to judge where fold line would be.
It took some time, but the load was folded.
It would have been much faster for me to just do it myself, but I must remind myself to forget about the time and provide the opportunity.  I went to a parenting workshop last week. Although I didn’t agree with everything, there were some very good reminders for me - about remembering not rob a child of a learning opportunity, in particular life lessons and these sorts of things. 
Since Deborah is having a “every day dramatic play” link up this week, I thought I would also share the photos from my sister’s Laundromat dramatic play unit.
Objective: Students are learning through play to match pairs, sort hot and cold types of clothing, master folding techniques, pretend washing and hanging clothes to dry
Suggested Items:
1. Laundromat sign
2. Washer and dryer
3. Suggested Reading: A pair of Socks by Stuart J. Murphy (which emphasizes matching)
4. laundry care signs and laundry soap
5. Mini laundry baskets holding socks and clothes provide useful sorting activities, such as matching socks / lights and darks /hot and cold.  Include a clothesline and clothes pins.
laundromat1 IMG_3840 IMG_3842 IMG_3846
6. An ironing board  and a  folding activity (such as the “folding cloths” mentioned above) are also fun additions
7. Math pattern activity: Students created their own math patterns using blank copies of socks and creating patterns.
The students really enjoyed this dramatic play unit.  Who knew doing laundry could be so much fun?  This post is linked to Teach Preschool Have a lovely day,


Sunday, January 15, 2012




It was so, so frigid this weekend.  We spent some time outdoors, but not our usual amount.  This is one of our indoor activities.

In the fall, someone on my street was throwing out this beauty.


I quickly and carefully grabbed it.   I knew it would be a source of winter amusement.   It was.

This weekend, we went to check out the plants and all of their promise ..


 Caption: hmmm, I think we need a Money Tree

IMG_1866 IMG_1867 to set up our terrarium .

IMG_1891 Lily takes Ojibwa classes and she wanted to set the terrarium up with tepees, totem poles, and Indians.


IMG_1904 We added one of those LED battery operated light strands (I love, love LED light strands), so we can watch the terrarium over dinner.


Have a great week, This post is linked to Beneath the Rowan Tree