I am a mum to two daughters, age 6 and 3.  I also hold down a day job as a litigator.  In my spare time, I like to make crafty messes with my kids and  the odd sewing project.  I started this little blog in January 2010 as a place to document our crafty adventures. 

Just a bit about me -  I collect Nativity sets from around the world, like public transportation, taking photos, reading, cooking, laughing, spicy food, fabric, thrifty treasures, tea towels, Little House on the Prairie, Royal Weddings, musicals, and happy endings.  I can watch Manhattan, Annie Hall, Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins over and over.   I am often inspired by far away places and I like to travel - my husband and I travelled to many great places on a very tiny budget  for 12 years before starting a family.   When we holiday, we always bring a kite.

I have many creative friends and family who inspire me daily and sometimes I post about their projects.
  • AJ is my youngest sister.  She has a fine arts degree and is a kindergarten teacher and mum to a five year old old boy.  She often posts about sewing projects and combining art and literacy.  She also created a very interesting fine motor lock board.
  • My pal N is a lawyer and mother of two boys, almost 3 and 5.  She likes sewing posts and trying out tutorials.  One of my favourite projects is her upcycled rice bag tote bag.
  • The Baking Barrister is a lawyer and one of the most frugal people I know.  She likes to cook, bake and make people's tummies' happy.  She makes her own cookie cutters out of empty aluminum foil boxes.
Thanks for stopping by!