Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

Toronto's Art Gallery of Ontario is the only Canadian stop for  Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors exhibit. In January, I tried for three days (an online queue) to score a ticket.  On the third day, I secured a single ticket for April.   

This past week my wait was over.   The kaleidoscopic experience is highly orchestrated.  You have about 20 - 30 seconds (30 second rule) to experience each of the 6 rooms.  You will receive a knock at the door which serves as a 5 second warning (!).   Three people may experience the room at a time.  As a single ticket holder, I was able"fast pass" and join groups of 2.

Above: Room 6 The souls of millions of light years away 

Above: Love Forever 

Above: Phali's Field

Above: Dots Obsession - Love Transformed

Above: Aftermath

Above: The Obliteration Room (visitors are given a few stickers to leave their mark)

The last room was my favourite. It is called "All the eternal love I have for pumpkins"  Photography is not permitted due to the risk of dropping a camera on the delicate pumpkins.  I snapped this photo from a gift shop card.

I concluded my visit by heading to the second floor to experience the Narcissus Garden - 1200 + spheres.  Quiet self-reflection and very few visitors - a stark contrast to the main exhibition.
Above: Narcissus Garden

The exhibit's next stop is Cleveland (July 7- September 30).