Sunday, April 16, 2017

Felted Bunnies

For years, I have wanted to try a needle felting project with my daughters. Until now, I was a little nervous given the sharp tools.  Now that they are older and Lily, especially, has shown an interest in sewing and knitting projects, I thought we would attempt need felting.  I purchased these kits at Daiso, a Japanese Dollar Store, in California.  The kits include the needle, plastic eyes, and wool. I already had a sponge form.

Making the tiny face features was the hardest part. Both of us became frustrated and skipped the flowers.

The little bunny garden is a feature at the Allan Gardens Easter Flower Show (more photos on my flickr)

On Good Friday, we took the girls to the Passion Parade in Little Italy.  Hundreds gather to watch a reenactment of the Stations of the Cross (photo essay here) .

I took this photo at the corner of College and Grace Street.

For those celebrating, wishing you a Happy Easter!