Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ukelele Case

This year, both my daughters are in ukulele club and required a case for their ukuleles.   I found a very well written pattern on Etsy by SusieDDesigns. This pattern requires several notions - a zipper, fusible fleece, interfacing and four yards of seam binding.  The binding was the most time consuming part  - I ripped out my stitches several times as it was very difficult to sew on the machine.  Next time I will stitch the binding on to the main fabric before assembling the bag and then hand stitch in place. That being said, I am glad I persevered.  This was a very useful project.  The girls have been using these cases for a couple of weeks now and they work perfectly!

Fabric Above - Grroovy Guitars by Michael Miller
 I didn't have enough fusible fleece for the case pictured above, so I used some left over batting and quilted it between the front and lining.  This step added to the project time, but worked fine. 

Did you follow America's Got Talent over the summer? My girls love Grace. She has inspired so many to take up the ukulele.    This year, our school's ukulele club has over 80 students. I am looking forward to their first performance. 

Happy crafting! 


  1. what a great project! I cant believe there are 80 kids in that club! thats a lot. What a fun club!! do they go to a big school? Yes, I watched Americas got Talent every week. Grace was so awesome and Im so glad she won. She was my pic from the get go. have a great week!

  2. These turned out very cute! Not every school has a ukulele club! I was happy to see that Grace won, she is so young and talented.


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