Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dottie Angel Frock

Over Mother's Day weekend, the girls and I visited my sister in San Francisco.  I packed my Dottie Angel Frock so that my sister could take a few photos. The pattern is Simplicity 1080A.  For the pockets, I used a linen table cloth my mother embroidered over 30 years ago. The pattern is Lotte Figgio. I also used linen and Sunshine & Shadow (Jack in a Pulpit) by Jane Sassaman for FreeSpirit/Westminister.
Lotte is a Norwegian china from my childhood and I have always loved blue and white.

I love visiting California. I take so many photos of plants. On this visit, the foxgloves were in abundance.

I finished the interior seams with bias tape and the side seams with a serger (the pattern calls for French seams).
Happy stitching!