Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday Sweaters

Over the weekend, we put together little “make your own” holiday sweater kits for our dolls and gifting.  I purchased a basic shirt pattern from Rosie Doll Clothes and stitched up several shirts using scraps of flannel, jersey, and polar fleece.  We also found the red and white toque/hat ornament at Walmart which fits perfectly for American Girls (a bargain at less than $3!).  We added felt embellishments and pompoms to our kits (which can be applied with glue) and packaged everything up in a ziploc.

“New” old style holiday sweaters were all the rage at the local Christmas Pop Up Markets.
I like the nostalgia of the old style sweaters.  These are some from my personal collection - acquired over the past decade or so.
Below is an XL 1980s Eddie Bauer cardigan. It works perfectly over a jacket for caroling.
I especially like vests.  The girls say I am Mrs. Crank (Jamie Lee Curtis) from Christmas with the Cranks.

Below, his and hers matching vests.  Found these at two quilted vests at two different thrift shops. I believe the fabric panel is by VIP Cranston (Dreamspinners Holly Joy Noel) – see this Etsy listing if you are interested!

Below, I am wearing my favourite holiday sweater, it has toy solders on it (eek!) and I removed the shoulder pads.

Merry Christmas!

PS Since I last posted, I learned that my blog editor Live Writer has been officially discontinued.  I do not like using Blogger to draft and publish as it is terribly inefficient (no photo editor and time consuming).  Not sure what my options are at this point...