Saturday, February 7, 2015

Melvis and Elvis


For the past few weeks, Lily has been involved in a “rhyme stew” poetry/rap workshop with poet Claire Caldwell. The rhyme stew crew were introduced to one of Dennis Lee’s poems from his brand new book “Melvis and Elvis” (first book in a decade!) and then had the opportunity to write their own original works as inspired by Dennis. Today, they performed on stage at the Revival Club in Toronto with Mr. Lee as part of this year’s Totsapalooza 7.


Judging from Lily’s expression, above, she was kind of thrilled about the gig… and so was I. I grew memorizing Dennie Lee poems and when Lily was an infant we attended a “lullabies and lap rhymes” class where I memorized the poems all over again some twenty five years later.

The event also featured Canadian illustrator / author Ashley Spires who read from her new book Edie’s Ensembles and talked about being a  “maker” and  her book, “The Most Magnificent Thing.”  Hope was pretty thrilled to meet Ashley in person!



It was a such a special day and wonderful opportunity for our family.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. What special opportunities for your girls! Such proud moments too.

  2. Lovely to see your daughters engaged in nurturing good habits like reading for example. Congrats to Lily on her gig!


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