Saturday, January 3, 2015

Downton Abbey Tote

Happy New Year! 
This is my first sewing project for 2015 as it coincides with the North American premiere of  Downton Abbey Season 5.  Sometime ago, a friend gave my husband a very large needlepoint that was otherwise headed to the curb.
I always feel sad when I see needle points on the curb or at the thrifts – that sort of sad crafters’ graveyard feeling (you might know it).  I have wanted to try a needle point repurpose project for ages - especially since this one was in exceptional condition and a good size. From time to time, I have seen some clever repurposed needle point totes on Etsy and at Anthropologie.
I cut up the needle point into four sections and used the Jane Market Bag pattern. The center panel is fabric from the most recent Downton Abbey fabric collection (purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop).
The bag came together very well, but I broke 3 needles putting on the straps. I then changed to titanium needles and that worked much better given the thick layers.IMG_1182
Happy crafting and enjoy season 5.  Will Lady Edith find happiness?


  1. It is gorgeous! I also feel sad when I see needlepoint discarded and it took so much effort to make it so this is a fabulously repurposed project!

  2. wow! what a wonderful wonderful way to rescue that needlepoint piece! I would have never thought of something like that. amazing! Youre such a great seamstress.. (I was going to write sew-er.. but it says sewer! seamstress is a much much better word! lol) Im impressed!
    Happy new Year!

  3. I'm glad you rescued that piece. It's got a wonderful new life now as a fun tote! My husband and I are eagerly looking forward to tonight's premier of Downton. Can't wait!

  4. 'Sad crafters graveyard feeling' - you are too funny! You made a good save on this one. Enjoy this season of Downtown Abbey, I have yet to start watching that show. I'm currently watching The House of Elliot which is a British series from the early 90s and am loving it, have you seen it?

  5. I know that feeling with the needle point graveyard ! I'm also watching S5 of Downton Abbey too - I do hope Lady Edith finds happiness :-)


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