Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pepparkakor Ornaments

This past weekend, we attended a beautiful Lucia procession at the Swedish Church in Toronto.
Prior to the procession we popped into the bazaar and picked up some Swedish goods, including a tin of the most delicious wafer thin gingersnaps, or peppakakor as they are referred to in Sweden.
This was fitting because this year our Scandinavian Christmas project was to create cinnamon applesauce ornaments designed to look like pepparkakor ornaments. The project was inspired by a a scene in our Pippi Longstocking book and you can read about how we made them today on Day 4 of Scandinavian Christmas at the Pickled Herring.
After making the ornaments, I realized that I could stamp them with a acrylic paint and rubber stamps. I found it best to apply the paint to the stamp with a sponge.
It would also to fun to stamp names and use as gift tags. It is a fun and inexpensive project.
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  1. What fun! They turned out really well. You have created so many fun traditions with your girls.

  2. It's lovely to read about the different traditions of Christmas that you have in Toronto, and it's great you get to experience them! Have a lovely holiday :-)

  3. Love the idea! The gingersnaps look delicious!


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