Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring Flower Show {Allan Gardens}

It is still very cold in these parts (there was another extreme cold alert last night, this sort of declaration opens extra shelter spaces and warming centres).  As of Sunday night, Toronto has been under an extreme cold alert for 26 days this winter.   I was longing for some sort of promise of spring, so I bundled up the girls and we headed to the Allan Gardens conservatory to see the spring bulbs on display. The conservatory is very warm and we were able to remove our outerwear.   I thought I would share a few photos here in case you need a spring pick-me-up (albeit the greenhouse variety!).
Above:  Lily’s bunny sweater was a very awesome find from the Salvation Army Thrift Shop (at $2.99). I did a little surfing an came across the vintage Patons pattern at Busy Beaver Boutique’s Etsy shop (I also saw a listing at Kenyon Books).

Below is a photo of the Amorphophallus, that “emits a smell resembling a dead animal to attract insects for pollination.”
Spring is coming…that’s a promise.
Have a great week and for those of you who have a long weekend, enjoy!


  1. Lily’s bunny sweater is absolutely beautiful! What a glorious find. How nice to enjoy a wonderful spring outing with the girls. I think we need to do something similar with our conservatory. We are under another winter advisory with another 6 inches expected today. This is the snowiest and coldest winter I can remember in a long time. PS. You'll appreciate the latest addition to our outdoor gnome house. I've updated the blog with the happy news.

  2. I am sorry to hear the cold and winter is not abating.. yet. We have the extreme opposite here ... spring - today was 20 degrees. And it already started smelling like spring. As a flower lover I enjoyed the pictures immensely - thank you for sharing!
    As for Lily's sweater - I think it is adorable and such a great find. The 3D bunny bottoms really make it special :)

  3. Beautiful gardens. And what an adorable sweater! I knit, but not so well as to knit a sweater like that - must practice more :)

  4. Love Lily's bunny jumper - a fabulous find at the thrift shop. The pom-pom bunny tails are adorable! I love all those spring bulbs. Can't grow them here, oh except for freesias. I guess you are looking forward to the warm weather as much as we are for the cool weather. Warm here - around 27degC today.

  5. omgoodness! LOVE that sweater! so stinking cute! what a great find. I would have scooped that up too. I could see my little marla wearing it..
    the flowers are so pretty and a great reminded that spring is on its way..... I cant wait!
    we have conservatory in rochester, but I havent been there since I was a little girl. Now Im feeling like it would be anice place to go, after seeing your pictures.
    have a great week!


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