Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring Flower Show {Allan Gardens}

It is still very cold in these parts (there was another extreme cold alert last night, this sort of declaration opens extra shelter spaces and warming centres).  As of Sunday night, Toronto has been under an extreme cold alert for 26 days this winter.   I was longing for some sort of promise of spring, so I bundled up the girls and we headed to the Allan Gardens conservatory to see the spring bulbs on display. The conservatory is very warm and we were able to remove our outerwear.   I thought I would share a few photos here in case you need a spring pick-me-up (albeit the greenhouse variety!).
Above:  Lily’s bunny sweater was a very awesome find from the Salvation Army Thrift Shop (at $2.99). I did a little surfing an came across the vintage Patons pattern at Busy Beaver Boutique’s Etsy shop (I also saw a listing at Kenyon Books).

Below is a photo of the Amorphophallus, that “emits a smell resembling a dead animal to attract insects for pollination.”
Spring is coming…that’s a promise.
Have a great week and for those of you who have a long weekend, enjoy!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Recap

Hello! I hope you had a sweet Valentine’s Day.  I meant to pop in and post earlier, but I was dealing with multiple deadlines at the day job and a stint of on-call duty (ugh). 
I thought I would share a few photos of what we have been up to.
We made Rainbow loom bracelets for Hope’s class (printable from a crafted sparrow). The tags are cut using a scalloped 2 inch punch.  Hope was very pleased with her Valentines.  We started working on these bracelets a few weeks ago, a little at a time although there was a mad rush at the end. 
Although we have a Rainbow Loom, these bracelets are actually made using the Lil Loom method (a cork and two pushpins).  Hope is five and this is her preferred method of making loom bracelets.  Given its portability and low cost, this is a good method to introduce new friends to bracelet making without the expense of the loom.
Up next : Lily made these little “psst I hear there is a love bug going around” hand sanitizer valentines. There is a Bath and Body Works in my office building so I like to keep an eye on their sales.  During the January sidewalk sale, the hand sanitizer holders were marked down to 13 cents and the mini sanitizers were marked down to 50 cents.   There are lots of different permeations of this idea floating around craft blogland.  She used thumb prints for the love bug and made each one unique.   We were inspired by this post at Sweet and Lovely Crafts  and my 1977 edition of Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book (maybe you recall that book!).
At the last moment, I realized that Hope was having a Valentine exchange at her after school program so we made these punch bag Valentine’s using the printable at a pretty cool life.  I just used our home black and white printer on card stock and she embellished with her name and stickers. 
Last up: a couple of ol’ fashioned Valentines for the cousins.
My husband is travelling so last night I took the girls to a family dance party at a local cafe.  I wasn’t sure how the girls would enjoy it as we only knew one other family, but they had a good time.   Lily was very interested in how playlists were made and the DJ’s equipment.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crafting with my kids: Olympic Matryoshka


These little nesting dolls were released as part of the Hudson Bay’s Olympic Collection.   I also bought the shirt!


I love wooden dolls, especially matryoshka nesting dolls.  Here is a peak of part of my collection.


The Bay’s Sochi dolls inspired us to create our own little lady out of cardboard.





Let the games begin! 


Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by,