Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine Puppy Photo Shoot

So this little guy is responsible for my lack of posts. We decided to include him in our crafting this weekend. You might recall that last year we created a little kissing licking booth for our lab Ramsey.  He actually won “pet of the month” for that photo in the community paper and the girls still talk about that project.

Lily wanted to recreate a similar booth for our new pup, Silus.
Si is 17 weeks now.  He is housebroken, but still requires quite a bit of training to break those naughty habits (jumping, begging, chewing, etc.).  He does not like the recent –20C temperatures so it has been a difficult to ensure that he gets enough outdoor exercise to temper the inside hyper-puppy spurts.
For our booth, we used a cardboard box and wrapped the box in a dollar store plastic table cloth.  I am not sure he was pleased about this, but he sure enjoyed the bacon rewards.
Happy Crafting,


  1. I remember the project and Ramsey was adorable with the pink ribbon around his neck!
    Si's cute too - seems difficult to catch his attention - understandably since he is still a "baby". Love his Valentine booth!

  2. How adorable. I'm so glad the tradition continues. I can't wait to share these pictures with the girls.

  3. such fun for you and your girls! and for the pup as well. anything that causes him to get attention is probably good in his book! what a cute little puppy! I want one. well I dont.. but I do. I mean I do.. but I dont want to take care of it! lol.
    this weather is for the birds!! the penquin type! Im ready for spring... but that is still about 51 days away! stay warm!!!

  4. So sweet - Silus makes a cute "booth babe" :)

  5. I bet your girls loved this project!
    It is currently -26C outside here, school was cancelled today due to frigid temps, the 4th day school was closed this month.
    Hope you guys are keeping warm.

    1. Sorry I made a mistake, it's the 5th day school was closed this month.

  6. He is super cute....cute...cute!!


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