Monday, December 2, 2013

Frozen Birthday


This past weekend we took a road trip to celebrate my nephew’s 7th birthday.  He had a Frozen snowman party.  Here are a few photos.




Instead of gifts, guests brought a contribution to the local food bank.


I found these cute honeycomb snowmen at the dollar store. 

The cake decorations are from the Disney store in Toronto, I mailed them to my sister so she could use them on the cake.

My sister uses the game pin the carrot on the snowman in her classroom and it made a cute game.



The theatre was not prepared for the film’s release, so the kids wore Freebirds ? crowns.


It was a very special day for a special guy in our family. 

Have you seen Frozen?  I love Anna’s wardrobe!  My dad laughed at the ludefiske reference.

Have a great week and I wish you a happy Advent season!  We are going to find a tree this week.



  1. What a fun theme! Happy 7th Birthday to your nephew!

  2. Happy Seventh! So generous and kind of him to indulge in such a great cause and go without presents! Bravo!

  3. When we were at Disney World, we saw photos of how they created the scenes from actual places in Norway. Gorgeous. I can't wait to see the movie. What a fun theme for a birthday party! Happy 7th Birthday to your nephew!

  4. What a beautiful cake! Looks like a good time was had by all!

  5. Did the Frozen cake happen to be frozen (ice cream cake)? I just knew your family would go see this movie since it takes place in Norway. Over this past holiday weekend my family went to see it except me (I was home sewing up a storm). My girl came home and immediately put on a princess dress. I have seen some of the garments that they wear in the movie and would love to sewn some similar dress-up clothes for my daughter. I have never seen Pin the Nose on the Snowman ~ very cute :) I can for sure see a family resemblance in your nephew! I really like the idea of having donations in place of gifts, if only my children desired what I do!

  6. It looks like he had fun. Pin the carrot is a cute idea...

  7. that cake is amazing, I would like to try make something similar would you please tell me where you bought the figures and coach for the top of the cake please?

    1. Hi Kirstyn, thanks for stopping by. I purchased the Frozen mini-figure set (it comes with the sled) at the official Disney store at the Toronto Eaton Centre. I suspect most Disney stores carry these mini figure sets. I have also seen similar sets on the Target website in the Toys section (keyword Frozen).
      The mini figure set was then brought to a baker (Artistic Design in Ottawa) who incorporated them into the cake's design.


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