Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crafting with my kids: Ticket ornaments


We went to The Nutcracker this weekend.  I always love The Nutcracker and it is very special to me.  On a recent visit, my dad brought down my baby book. It was full of interesting mementos and  reminded me that it used to cost $2.50 to see The Nutcracker in the balcony seats. My mum had saved all my tickets, this particular one was from 1974.


My girls love the Nutcracker too. They have their {strong}  preference as to interpretations, but they love the music and both our CDs will have to be replaced shortly due to overuse.  I wanted to preserve those 1974 tickets so we made paper rosette ornaments (for the paper rosette we used sheet music gift wrap).


Lily also wanted to make an ornament to preserve her Les Mis ticket. {For Lily, Les Miserables is the musical of musicals…  she doesn’t know it yet, but she is getting the soundtrack for Christmas, so she won’t need to watch the score on youtube any longer!}.




So if you have the opportunity to take in something special this holiday season, you might want to preserve it by making an ornament!

Happy Crafting,



  1. Brilliant idea for recycling those tickets. They turned out wonderful. I should do something special with Emma's band performance tickets. Thanks for always inspiring!

  2. I agree with Kim! An absolutely brilliant idea! I've been saving some tickets without planning to use them, but this seems like the perfect project. Thank you so much for sharing! Isn't it great to have your own tickets brought back to life?!

  3. I saw your ticket on Instagram and just had to see what you did with it - very cute!!!

    I am so far behind on blog reading, I will never catch up......

  4. what a clever idea! I could do this with our Lucia choir concert tickets. That teeny tiny nutcracker you added to the ornament is super adorable, where did you find it?

  5. What a wonderful idea! They will have many special ornaments on their trees when they are grown :)

  6. What a wonderful way to preserve that memory. Perfect Christmas tree ornament!!

  7. What a great idea to keep the tickets. Must be a great way to keep the memories.

  8. What a creative idea, KJ!! Such a great way to preserve fun memories! :)

  9. What a brilliant idea!! Tim saves all our tickets from everything - I need to do something with them - I have an idea for using a lot of them in one shot - but I like this idea for the special ones - maybe this year's trip to the Wizard of Oz will be a special one...


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