Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crafting with kids: ornament crafternoon

photo 1
One of my favourite activities during the Advent season is to set aside time to make ornaments with the girls and other crafty folks.  Whether the finished project succeeds, fails, or even survives, special memories are made.

This past weekend, my sister and I were invited to a little crafternoon hosted at my lifelong BFF’s home.   While we grew up across the street, we now live in separate cities five hours away - so this was a real treat to get our families together.  There were seven kids and two guinea pigs (meet Caramel below).
We chose two crafty projects, both with recycled components as the base.
The snow globe / shadow box ornament uses recycled Davids tin tea canisters.  One of my colleagues always saves her tea canisters for me and I have been wanting to put them to good use.  {I spotted the project idea using a similar container over at scissors variations.}
The second craft were sweet bottle cap snowmen.  There are a number of variations of this clever project {One Artsy Mama via pinterest were the inspiration.}  The caps were painted with brushes and the tiny details with toothpicks.
Snacks are essential for any crafternoon - the kids munched on strawberry santa caps (I am afraid I am not sure who came up with this idea, but this was the inspiration photo).
Now all you need is Frozen “do you wanna build a snowman?” playing in the background.
Can’t get that song out of my head!
Happy Advent crafting,


  1. Yes! I must make more time to do crafting with the girls this year. I love your ideas. I'm always inspired when I see your girls playing and crafting with you.

  2. What great crafting ideas! I'll have to store it in my memory for when I have grandkids - 10 years from now? Maybe I'll just do it when my teenage daughter comes home from college :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fabulous crafternoon! I must pin the activities for future reference!

  4. What a wonderful afternoon together. I love both ornament ideas. Now to find someone who drinks that type of tea!

  5. I have been saving bottle caps and wondering what to do with them, I think snowmen will be in order (we have all those supplies on hand!) Those fruit kabobs look yummy.

  6. I smile every time I think of the moose and the snowman - haven't seen the movie yet but love watching that trailer.

    Love the tea canister snow globes!!

  7. love the crafts.. the bottlecap snowmen are stinking cute! I have to try to remember that. I dont think your blog is popping up on my side bar,, as Ive missed a few of your posts.. I have to check!
    have a great week


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