Monday, November 4, 2013

Funnel Cake

Thank you for all the kind messages and notes about our dear Ramsey.  It has been a difficult week and we miss him terribly. He brought so much joy to our daily living and he forced us to be active and get outdoors- if it was minus 20 that was no excuse, the dog was walked. The girls seem to understand his passing and that he won’t be coming back and we are coping with his passing.
This weekend, we went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. I said that I would not go to the Super Dog show, but ended up watching both the super dog and sheep herding show and loved them both. While waiting in line at a couple of events, I met a number of people who have recently lost a pet (coincidence?) and it was nice to chat with complete stranger who have experienced the same loss.
At the Fair, we sampled our first funnel cake (deep fried dough cake) – probably the highlight for the girls. I always enjoy seeing the livestock, gigantic vegetable exhibits, and the equestrian gear (a weakness), but that funnel cake was delicious.
Here are a few captures from our Royal 2013 experience.
Above, is the prize winning giant pumpkin which weighed in at just under 965 pounds.
We also sampled a number of tasty apples - the Ambrosia variety is giving that Honey Crisp apple some serious competition at a better price point. I love the Fair - even after 8 years in a row!
Have a wonderful week,


  1. What a great fair you visited! I'm so sorry to hear you lost your pet. When our dog passed, I cried for a week. Pretty much non-stop. Sending hugs from Connecticut.

  2. What a fun weekend! I love funnel cake too :)

  3. What great pictures. I'm glad you found some support for your loss while out. Your girls are so precious. That funnel cake looks amazing. Love those wheat topiaries.

  4. Love the funnel cake picture! Her hair is darling. Looks like a blast - those huge pumpkins always amaze me!!

  5. The detail on your younger girl's cat face painting is impressive, I know a kitty cat lover who would be thrilled to have something like that! >^..^<
    Mention of the Honey Crisp got my attention... it was developed at the U of MN where I went to college!
    And are those cowboy boots with the laces? They look very well made and are probably expensive I imagine...

    1. Had no idea that Honey Crisps were developed in MN. They are definitely adapted for cold climates and thrive in cooler weather. We pay top dollar here for them.
      The boots are Der Dau, I have always admired them. They are beautifully made, I believe out of NYC.

  6. looks like fun! I LOVE funnel cake, but the one youre daughter is holding looks extra special. ours usually just come with white powdered sugar on them. they are an important part of any fair around here.
    still sorry that you are dealing with the loss of your beloved Ramsey. I got a kitty when I was 5 named Flannel. I had her til I was 24 years old. I can still tell you that I think of her often ALL these years later. I even dream about her sometimes. Our pets become imprinted onto our hearts and thats exactly where I think God intended them to be. a blessed friendship to be forever remembered,
    have a great week! Im hoping to do some christmas crafting this weekend!!

  7. Geez! I somehow missed this post!

    Judging from the pictures, you did have a royal experience. Truth be told I have never had funnel cake - that is the North American one - instead we make a variation of the so called flancati only we make them smaller. But as I checked the ingredients are almost the same.
    Thank you for sharing this! I love fall shows and it was great browsing through your photos!


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