Sunday, November 17, 2013

Miniature Sears Wish Book

Last year was the 60th anniversary of the Sears Wish Book.  Inside this special issue there was an interesting history of the Wish Book and some images of back issues over the past 60 years.  You can find a little about the history of the Wish Book here.     Before their was  online shopping, many rural and remote communities relied on the Sears catalogue when many other retailers were reluctant to ship and local options were few.  While I didn’t grow up in a rural community, I always recall when the Sears Wish Book would arrive and scouring pages full of interesting toys and canopy beds.
Image001 (10)
Image001 (12)
I kept a few pages from this special issue because I thought it would be nice to use these images for miniature wish books for our doll house. We reproduced the image with a colour photo copier and glued them to sturdy foam core and scrap book paper. {You can find the retrospective on my flickr stream here}
Updated: Today, we viewed the Santa Claus Parade.  The Wish Book had its own float and the girls caught one of the Wish Book teddy bears.

The retail component of Christmas is on full display in the city.   The Hudson Bay shop windows have been on display for over two weeks.
Happy crafting,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Slings for the Bunk Beds


The girls share a bedroom with bunk beds. The room is small and the height and placement of the bunk beds does not permit bedside tables. I decided to make them some book slings so that they could keep their current reading material at arms reach.


(Above photo: she memorizes Robert Munsch books and reads them aloud. About 18 months ago,  she was so-so about reading, and then she discovered Munsch books).

I used this tutorial and this tutorial ( I used the second tutorial for the construction because I wanted a hidden channel). These book slings are completely reversible.  The double rod hardware was found at Lowes (which now ships free in my area).  Normally, I am not fond of border prints but I bought this fabric on impulse almost two years ago (it is the pink and blue Bernartex House and Home) .  The inside print is the coordinating non-border print.   The hardware is drilled into the studs and I used thick 1” dowel (48 “ long) (available at Home Depot for about $3 a rod).

The project is a useful one and a nice option for bunk beds.


Have a great day!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest we forget: Remembrance Day


{Lyrics from “The Soldier’s Cry” by Roland Majeau – a moving song for today}.


Today, we are observing Remembrance Day. We pay tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free.

This morning,  I attended my daughters’ Remembrance Day assembly.  It was very moving to hear the students sing and have the confidence to get up in front of their classmates to  express in their own words what peace means.  Just prior to the 11th hour moment of  silence, two students from each class bring  a poppy wreath to the front of the gymnasium.  The wreaths are made by each class as a collective project.


Below, are some photos I took this past summer at the national War Memorial in Ottawa.




We also worked on a poppy craft this weekend - inspired by the poem In Flanders Field.  I found the wooden crosses at Michaels.  The poppies are made from red streamers.



On the eleventh of November, we honour and remember.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Funnel Cake

Thank you for all the kind messages and notes about our dear Ramsey.  It has been a difficult week and we miss him terribly. He brought so much joy to our daily living and he forced us to be active and get outdoors- if it was minus 20 that was no excuse, the dog was walked. The girls seem to understand his passing and that he won’t be coming back and we are coping with his passing.
This weekend, we went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. I said that I would not go to the Super Dog show, but ended up watching both the super dog and sheep herding show and loved them both. While waiting in line at a couple of events, I met a number of people who have recently lost a pet (coincidence?) and it was nice to chat with complete stranger who have experienced the same loss.
At the Fair, we sampled our first funnel cake (deep fried dough cake) – probably the highlight for the girls. I always enjoy seeing the livestock, gigantic vegetable exhibits, and the equestrian gear (a weakness), but that funnel cake was delicious.
Here are a few captures from our Royal 2013 experience.
Above, is the prize winning giant pumpkin which weighed in at just under 965 pounds.
We also sampled a number of tasty apples - the Ambrosia variety is giving that Honey Crisp apple some serious competition at a better price point. I love the Fair - even after 8 years in a row!
Have a wonderful week,