Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crafting with my kids: St. Francis Day


Tomorrow, is the feast of St. Francis.  To celebrate we have been working on little St. Francis dolls. I found a very clever tutorial for making cork people over at Appleshoe. It is an easy way to make people from wine corks and wooden beads – the possibilities for little people projects is  limited only by your supply of corks.


The facial features for our Franciscans were modelled after the packaging of one of our family’s favourite cheeses, Saint-Paulin.



One of our family’s fall traditions is to attend a pet blessing service.  You can see Ramsey (our black lab) waiting to be blessed.

He does not stray too far from that box of Milkbone biscuits on the alter.


Happy St. Francis Day and happy crafting,



  1. Your St. Francis dolls have the sweetest faces. I love all the possibilities of making these for all kinds of holidays. Happy St. Francis Day. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. St Francis of Assisi lived a remarkable life. At first glance I thought they were little wooden people that you painted, then after I started reading discovered: corks!
    The link you gave to the winter cork people got me thinking they could be made into Scandinavian tomte for a Scandinavian Christmas! Good thing we have a good supply of corks!

    1. When I saw the winter people I thought the same thing! They look very Scandinavian.

  3. Oh.. I love your cork people so much! What a wonderful idea!
    I simply must use this! Happy St. Francis Day!


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