Thursday, September 12, 2013

Printed patchwork {happiness!}


Lately, I have been drawn to printed patchwork (I think it is also known as “cheaters quilt”?). I have been collecting purses (above), fabric, vintage sheets, etc. from thrift stores. {The pink on the far right, below, is actually an oven mitt – a birthday gift from my sister ).


When my sister was visiting over Labour Day, we had a little sewing session and made some quick skirts for the girls with a patchwork vintage sheet (actually a dust ruffle).

Lily liked hers so much she wore it for the  first day of school.  Here are few photos of the skirts. Kind of cute.






I think the last photo was a why-I-sew moment.

{The red mini is not ours we live in a street parking hood, our neighbour’s house guest didn’t mind the mini being included in the photoshoot}.

Have a great weekend,



  1. The skirts are adorable, KJ! The girls look thrilled to be wearing them. EH's faces are cracking me up :)

  2. I love printed patchwork myself and wouldn't blush to have to use it to make gorgeous things like your skirts! I also mustn't forget to mention the bag in the first picture because it stole my heart the second I saw it!!

  3. How adorable are the girls! Such pretty skirts. That patchwork fabric brings back happy memories of a special dress I had in 3rd grade.

  4. I love patchwork but unfortunately dont know how to sew it. Have to learn!

  5. What a fun project!
    I had never heard of cheaters quilt before, but what a good name, imagine having to sew all those little pieces together!?!
    That last photo is absolutely adorable :)
    Happy weekend!

  6. Oh they all look SO adorable with their matching skirts. I know what you mean about having a 'why I sew' moment, it's really quite special and hopefully your girls will have some fond memories of their home sewn clothes.

    Happy weekend x

  7. Wow! All the skirts look great together! Gorgeous girls!
    One of my favourite printed patchwork fabrics is by Holly Hobbie.

  8. Those skirts (and girls!) are the cutest!!! I'm pretty sure I had a sundress with matching bonnet made from that fabric when I was little!


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