Monday, September 23, 2013

Carvable foam pumpkin carriage

I was in the Dollar Tree and found those carvable foam pumpkins that I have read about on craft blogs.  The pumpkins are $1.25 each.  You can carve them with a box cutter and decorate them.
A couple of years ago, I made one of those pumpkins carved like a carriage for the girls. Evangeline Hope has been pining for another so I thought I might try a foam one as it will last longer.
I just carved a little door and two windows and added green and orange glitter with Modge Podge.  When you carve the pumpkin, you can see the white foam interior, so I painted out the windows and doors   with orange craft paint.  The pumpkin sits on the wagon from our Lincoln Logs set.
In hindsight, I think I should have made the door a wee bit bigger, so what I am going to do is carve around the stem so it can come on and off like a lid. That way, the girls can put their characters in the carriage.   They are very pleased with this carriage, Hope kept on talking about how much she loves glitter.
Happy fall!


  1. Brilliant! Love this idea. I wish Josie was a princess girl. Maybe if I turned this kind of pumpkin into a superhero transporter, she'd go for it. Glitter makes everything better!!

  2. Lovely! Even though my daughter started college, she is still a Disneyphile! And I love glitter too :)

  3. Adorable. I can't believe how proactive you are, I think it may take me a week to get all that organised. Glad to see you're getting ready for Halloween, our children are sooo excited, it'll be their first one here in Canada and we've told to expect big things here!!
    Have a great week x

  4. You have the best ideas!! I have to remember this for when my granddaughters are older. (Only have one granddaughter at the moment, but in about 6 weeks I'll have another!) anyways.. I love your carriage. really LOVE it! great idea
    thanks for sharing

  5. Perfect fall craft. I think my daughter has that exact same Cinderella!

  6. Oh.. the cuteness is unbearable!
    I love your pumpkin carriage KJ! This one is absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, here we don't have foam pumpkins :(

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  8. Love this! And I like that you could use it year round. It doesn't have to be just for fall.


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