Monday, September 23, 2013

Carvable foam pumpkin carriage

I was in the Dollar Tree and found those carvable foam pumpkins that I have read about on craft blogs.  The pumpkins are $1.25 each.  You can carve them with a box cutter and decorate them.
A couple of years ago, I made one of those pumpkins carved like a carriage for the girls. Evangeline Hope has been pining for another so I thought I might try a foam one as it will last longer.
I just carved a little door and two windows and added green and orange glitter with Modge Podge.  When you carve the pumpkin, you can see the white foam interior, so I painted out the windows and doors   with orange craft paint.  The pumpkin sits on the wagon from our Lincoln Logs set.
In hindsight, I think I should have made the door a wee bit bigger, so what I am going to do is carve around the stem so it can come on and off like a lid. That way, the girls can put their characters in the carriage.   They are very pleased with this carriage, Hope kept on talking about how much she loves glitter.
Happy fall!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Printed patchwork {happiness!}


Lately, I have been drawn to printed patchwork (I think it is also known as “cheaters quilt”?). I have been collecting purses (above), fabric, vintage sheets, etc. from thrift stores. {The pink on the far right, below, is actually an oven mitt – a birthday gift from my sister ).


When my sister was visiting over Labour Day, we had a little sewing session and made some quick skirts for the girls with a patchwork vintage sheet (actually a dust ruffle).

Lily liked hers so much she wore it for the  first day of school.  Here are few photos of the skirts. Kind of cute.






I think the last photo was a why-I-sew moment.

{The red mini is not ours we live in a street parking hood, our neighbour’s house guest didn’t mind the mini being included in the photoshoot}.

Have a great weekend,


Monday, September 9, 2013

Autumn Bucket List: The orchard

I have been away from this space for most of August working on some large projects around the house and enjoying the last of summer (and at the same time losing the rhythm of regular blogging). When you lose the rhythm of regular posts, it is difficult to jump back. Where do I begin?
Anyway, after Labour Day, I returned to work and the girls started school.  The girls seem to enjoy their new teachers and are adjusting well to their classrooms.   Fall is definitely in the air, cool mornings and evenings. The dog has perked up. He was miserable for most of August.
We celebrated the first week of school by taking a trip to the orchard to pick raspberries and apples (McIntosh and Cortland were ready for picking).  It was good opportunity to pull out the big camera.  Last year, we didn’t have the opportunity to go apple picking because our local crops were a bust.  This year, looks far more promising.
We haven’t done much crafting lately, but on Saturday, it was rainy so we tried some apple printing.  I just set the kids up on the kitchen floor.  It felt good to craft again.
Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by,