Monday, August 12, 2013

Lego love

Between visiting  Legoland and the Lego store in Downtown Disney, we saw some amazing Lego projects.   {These are just a few shots of some of the fun Lego creations that we saw over the course of the week.  When I have a chance I will include more on my Flickr stream.}
Above, the new Lego Chima ride at Legoland (be prepared to get wet).  Below – Lily on a block raft on the lazy river; me and the kiddos on the roller coaster.  Our group (age 5, 6, and almost 8) absolutely loved Legoland. One of the criticisms of Legoland Florida is that it is not geared to older children.  For our age group it was perfect.  We arrived at the gate opening and left when the gates closed.  We spent the morning at the Lego waterpark and the afternoon on the rides.
Legoland was very special moment at the beginning of our vacation.  Lily had no idea she would see her cousins on this vacation.   This was her birthday surprise.  Her cousins arrived at the park and quietly snuck up behind her  wrapped like presents (in about 100 F temperature!).
Presence is the best present. 


  1. What fun!! I would give everything to be able to take my kids there... but the miles... oh.. all those miles far, far away...
    The little present -cousin is so cute!! Despite the temps she follows the idea through!!

  2. What a fabulous surprise from her cousins!! They looks so cute in those gift costumes...

  3. What fun! Perhaps Miss Josie needs to visit Legoland. It looks magical. She's standing next to me and has agreed that she would like to go there too. Wink wink.

  4. My daughter loved lego land when she went there with friends. and I love the gift bag idea! what a great surprise for your daughter!
    have fun!

  5. lots of "wow!"s came from my children's mouths when they saw these photos.

  6. The roller coaster picture is my favorite...and the sweetly wrapped gifts!

  7. We love Legoland as well. At least the rides are not so wild :-)

  8. I didn't even know there was a Legoland in Florida! I'm glad to hear that it's a great place for younger children. We'll hopefully be making our way to Florida for a vacation in a couple years. It looks like you had a fantastic time. And the cousins all wrapped up... cutest thing ever!

  9. Thanks for your Purl suggestion! I loved everything they sold in the shop! Just wished i could have bought a little of everything!

    I never knew what went on in Legoland. It looks like so much fun! We have one in our neighboring country in Malaysia, I shall go visit when i go home or if i'm in Florida!

  10. I love the creative way the cousins made their presence known. So cute!
    Legoland outside London was always a high point for our kids, and I have such wonderful memories of Disneyland when we were there a few years back. My girl was in total awe of Cinderella and Snow White, I shall never forget the look on her face!

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