Monday, July 15, 2013

Underpass Park


Do you remember wearing these sort of sundresses ? Back in the day, I spent most of my summer in dresses like these (minus the Snoopy).  I picked up this pre-shirred Snoopy fabric at Walmart in Ogdensburg, New York last summer for a couple of dollars. I finally made it into sundresses.  


The whole project took less than an hour to finish, I am not sure why it took me nearly a year to get to it.    Lily’s version is too short to wear as a dress, so it is more of a top with shorts.  In true 80s fashion they picked out some pony beads to put on the ties.


We had a hot sunny weekend.  Just what we needed to dry out the city.  These photos are taken at Underpass Park in the Corktown  neighbourhood in downtown Toronto.  This is the first public park in Toronto under an overpass.  There is also a basketball court and the ground can be used for skateboarding.  The overpass provides plenty of shade.   The girls played here for almost 2 hours, I think they found the structures challenging. 



Proceeding south from the playground are several pathways winding through a  naturalized marsh and eventually you will hit another playground and a splash pad to cool off.



It is supposed to feel like nearly 40C this week!  Have a great one!



  1. Sundresses with fun! I have such happy memories of wearing matching outfits with my little sister. I know we would have loved Snoopy fabric too. Looks like a fantastic place to bring the girls. Enjoy your warm week ahead! I think the girls are going to be spending lots of time in our little above ground pool this week while I'm at work. Hugs!

  2. cute little dresses/tops! adorable little girls! and fun park to play in! I love the last pic, soo cute! hot here too...
    have a great week

  3. I remember wearing them as a kid! The underpass park makes a great use of space and lots of fun. It looks very hot over there. Looks hotter than where we are!

  4. Yes, I remember those dresses. My mum made some for me. I remember watching her sewing them with the shirring elastic and all those rows of stitching. The park looks lots of fun.

  5. As you well know a girl's shirred dress was one of the challenges on The Great British Sewing Bee! I have never sewed one. And don't worry about having fabric for a year before using it ~ it has happened to me, too.
    That park looks very modern and one-of-a-kind.
    Hope you are staying cool while the temperatures get hot!

  6. Love the dresses - I made the girls some (with pre-shirred fabric) several years back and they've asked for more but I still haven't managed it. I remember it took me awhile to make them the first time too.

    Love the fabric - very cute - Snoopy is a fave of mine. Looks like a fun park day!!

  7. Love the dresses. I prefer to be in light dresses like that myself. My husband bought me a sewing maching for Christmas that I've been experimenting with, hoping I can make my little ones some cute and authentic clothing! Thanks for popping in my blog:) Excited to be part of the "bloggy world" now.


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