Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The wisdom of Holly Hobbie: Carry a little love with you


My posting is channelling 1977 this week (shirred sundresses and Holly Hobbie!).  My middle sister and I had these Holly Hobbie bags.  This photo was taken in Australia at my grandparents home. My dad brought us home these original Knickerbocker bags from a business trip in Boston.  We used them for our travels. The pocket says “carry a little love with you.”    Holly Hobbie was wise.

When my sister and I cleaned out my dad’s crawl space, we found the bags. They were musty and damaged, but the patch pockets were still intact. I carefully removed the patch pocket and made the girls drawstring backpacks with the pockets. The fabric is pre-printed hexagon fabric that I found at the thrift shop.  I am trying to get them to carry their own stuff when we go on our excursions (water bottle and snack, etc. ), instead of me carrying everything!



So now they can carry a little love! I recently came across a very informative post on doll kind which gives the history of Holly Hobbie dolls and their cultural significance.  The author says that there are a few episodes on Little House on the Prairie where Carrie is playing with a Holly Hobbie doll.   We are trying to find these episodes!

Before I sign off I thought I would share the backpack storm my sewing pal and I have been stitching in licensed and novelty fabrics.  The collage below a sample of what we have been up to  (Superman, Mister Man, Fancy Nancy, Littlest Pet Shop, Chuggington, Angelina Ballerina) for various birthday gifts. (We have used this tutorial and this tutorial and adapted them depending on the size of our scraps).  Her family uses soccer packs for the soccer gear; baseball packs for the baseball gear, etc.  Keeps everything organized.  It’s also a nice idea to make a little pack for a special trip.  My pal’s nieces are going to France, so she plans to make them little packs with Eiffel tower fabric.


Carry a little love with you,



  1. Adorable little bags!! I always loved Hollie Hobbie!!

  2. 1977! That's the year I graduated HS :) I remember Holly Hobbie, Gunne Sax, Laura Ashley... Makes me feel nostalgic. The backpacks you made are wonderful!

  3. I'm so glad you were able to give new life to Holly Hobby for your girls. I loved my Holly Hobby doll. My sister and I even had Holly Hobby sheet sets for our beds. Darling flashback picture of you and your sister.

  4. The images remind me of Sarah Kay's which were my favourite when I was a girl. Let me say the drawstring bags are adorable. The pockets you managed to revive are a special touch to them both!

  5. Now I wish I had kept my Holly Hobbie lunchbox. Too cute. All of it!

  6. So lovely that you were able to rescue and reuse the pockets and sew them on your girls' bags. I still have a little Holly Hobby plate (a childhood birthday present). She is wearing a green dress and carrying a posy of flowers. The quote says 'Thoughtfulness starts in a warm loving heart'.

  7. Oh - love the Holly Hobby blast - I recently bought the embroidery pattern for the embroidery you share - someday I will have time to do it, right?

    Great idea to salvage the pockets!!

  8. Oh how lovely! I was a fan Holly Hobbie in the seventies and I learned to sew in the seventies. One of my early sewing projects was a top made out of a Holly Hobbie cotton print. I still have a small collection of five Holly Hobbie collector plates; I have them hanging on the wall above my treadle sewing machine as Holly Hobbie always reminds me of when I learned to sew.


  9. Those bags from the Holly Hobbie material are so cute. What a great way to reuse them. Your bags look great and what a nice gift they are, so useful and decorative too.

  10. You come up with such great ideas. How sentimental. I love it when my daughter can wear something from my childhood, so I know how you must feel.
    Maybe you'd like to share a photo or 2 at Sew Pony's When We Were Young flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/2246483@N23/


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