Sunday, June 9, 2013

Curious Garden Dance Recital 2013 / Egg carton beehive



This weekend, we celebrated Lily’s tap recital. {She takes classes at the Movement Lab.} The theme of the recital was based on Peter Brown’s book The Curious Garden (I posted about this book here). For the past month, our crafty messes have been inspired by the book and in a couple of weeks I plan to visit the actual High Line garden in New York City.


The dancers’ routines and costumes were based on different aspects of the garden, (sun, flowers, lady bugs, and bumblebees).  Lily’s tap class were the gardeners. Each dancer had a few lines and held the microphone. Her narrative introduced the bumblebees.


“As the garden continued to explore the city, new friends began to move into the neighbourhood that we had never seen before. First came the bumble bees. The flowers were very happy about this, because the bees helped spread their pollen around, which created new seeds and flowers. The garden was now growing fast.”

I made the two shirts on the far left and learned how to apply stretchy sequin trim!



Lily’s group danced to “singing in the rain.”


The show was absolutely charming and the audience was so proud of all the dancers.


For our photo shoot, we made a little beehive backdrop from egg cartons. I saw this idea on Mrs. Barbaras Blog.  Our bees are created from drinkable yogurt bottles, yellow paint and black electric tape.


Happy crafting and have a great week!



  1. Oh my goodness. Could Lily be anymore precious!!! What adorable pictures and the beehive egg carton is brilliant. I can't wait to show this post to my sister, the preschool teacher.

  2. Lovely! I am sure it was a fabulous recital and Lily is absolutely adorable in all the pictures !

  3. Aww Lily is adorable!! And Singin' in the Rain is one of my all time favorite musical!

  4. How interesting that each tap dancer had a few lines, I've never heard of that before... and those egg cartons do look like honeycomb!

  5. The egg carton beehive is so creative not to mention resourceful. You did a great job on it!

    Looks like it was a love tap recital.

  6. I absolutely love her costume - so brilliant and classy at the same time. The egg carton hive is brilliant too...

  7. Oh that is seriously gorgeous, I can well imagine you were all so proud. My daughter was involved in a singing recital on Sunday and my heart was overflowing with pride, she did so well. Star of the show .. naturally ;)
    btw, sorry to break the sad news but the bean diary is no longer :(


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