Monday, June 3, 2013

Crafting with my kids: Egg Carton Lady Bugs


We have been reading several books on beneficial insects, which led to a craft project, and a shipment of 1000 lady bugs.  We didn’t plan to release them all at once (they can be refrigerated for about 2 months) but when the bag  opened the little critters made a rush for their freedom.  Both girls were a little apprehensive at first, I think it was just the sheer number of them.

photo (1)

photo (2)


photo (4)



You can find the project instructions for these egg carton lady bugs here.   It is a quick little project for when sudden overcast skies strike.  We used googly eyes instead of sequins and painted out spots. The leaves are just scrap foam.



Happy Crafting!



  1. That's an impressive bag of ladybugs!! Wow. I might have been a little apprehensive and excited all at the same time. I always enjoy your crafting with kids posts. Josie's 2nd birthday party had a ladybug theme. Such fun!

  2. When I was ordering our caterpillars yesterday (thanks to your butterfly post for reminding me to do that, btw) I noticed that they sell ladybugs, too. So you got 1000!?! How interesting that they can be refrigerated up to 2 months... The lady bugs you made are a cute project, what a bonus that they are made from egg cartons from the recycling bin! I plan and hope to do lots of arts & crafts with my kids this summer while they are home from school. I want to gather up all of our stuff we have been collecting over the years (cardboard, corks, glass jars, etc) and do recycling crafts, this craft will be a good one to add to the list. This reminded me of another lady bug craft that my blogging friend in Germany did we have already tried it, but might make more again.

    1. I look forward to seeing photos of your caterpillars! Thank you for introducing me to Karen's blog, I look forward to exploring it further. I can't wait to see what recycled crafty projects you come up with this summer!

  3. Yay, we love ladybirds and had a great time last year when we had our own little hatchery going on. Your egg carton ladybirds are adorable.

  4. A thousand lady bugs?!! Wow! Awesome - I too - didn't know they could be ordered (here they can't for sure). The egg carton lady bugs are a project I could use for the etsy craft party in June. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. i love googly eyes! they just make crafts come alive!

  6. You are such a good mom! I would have never thought of ordering lady bugs in a million years! What a great idea for your girls. and the little egg carton bugs are cute. you could paint little round rocks too!
    have a great day!

  7. I've often considered lady bugs but I've never done it...of course we do butterflies often!!


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