Friday, June 28, 2013

Crafting with my kids: RCMP Luminaries for Canada Day


We celebrated the last day of school yesterday and on Monday we will be celebrating Canada’s 146th birthday. We haven’t had the opportunity to  work on many Canada Day crafting projects as we have been spending most of our time outdoors at the public pool.  A couple of weeks ago on a rainy afternoon, we worked on this easy recycled craft.

I found some napkins with retro images of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (spotted at the Drake pop up store).   The girls glued the napkin to the jar with a couple of applications of Modge Podge.



The jars can hold supplies for our barbeque (cutlery or sparklers) or as below they can be lit with a candle.


For those of you celebrating Canada Day on Monday, Happy Canada Day and best wishes to my American neighbours  preparing for upcoming Independence Day celebrations.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fairy Tale of New York


I celebrated the other side of forty this past weekend.  I met my sister in New York City.  I have only visited NYC once before – on that trip it was wet and cold and we kept dry in every museum. This time it was hot and I finally had a chance to see both the Highline and Central Park.  Here are a few of my favourite shots.  Over three days we walked over 52000 steps.

The High Line.


Central Park






FAO Schwartz and the Muppets Workshop.


The {Big} Piano.


Robert Indiana’s LOVE.


I dragged my sister to the American Girl shop!


Lady Liberty (we did the cruise).


The Times (my favourite newsprint).


Here are a few candid shots from my Iphone.  We saw Cinderella on Broadway - I have posted before about how much I love Rodger & Hammerstein’s version.  I so hope it comes to Toronto so that I can take the girls.  Birthday dinner was a gastronomic experience with Gordon Ramsey.  We went to Soho and visited the Purl and I splurged on some Liberty fabric (more on that in a future post).







Lots of memories were made!  It was the best weekend.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blues Brothers Photo shoot for Father’s Day

One of the Mister’s favourite films from youth is The Blues Brothers.   The girls have seen most of the musical scenes from the film (some of the script is not age appropriate). 

They especially love the scenes with {Pastor} James Brown and Aretha Franklin. 

Among our toys, we keep a basket of toy instruments and costumes and the girls like to re-enact parts of the film.  For Father’s Day, I captured their antics on camera.


For our card, I had one of the photographs printed in black and white and they stuck it to a vinyl LP.


Have a great week and for those celebrating dad today, wishing you a happy one!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Canopy Tent


There are certain projects on my sewing “bucket list” that I am really committed to. This one had a sense of urgency.  The girls are growing up so fast, that I predict a time (sadly) when they will no longer have any interest in a play canopy.  

I decided on a pattern – McCalls M5827.  This pattern calls for about  15 yards of fabric and I am committed to using what I have.  I gathered together any large pieces from my stash including vintage sheets.  I saw another blogger used vintage sheets and although they are mismatched the tent comes together with a cohesive look.  The Strawberry Shortcake fabric must be from the 80s.
























Here is a photo of the inside.  The seams are all serged for a finished look.  The canopy top is supported by a hula hoop.


The girls are really enjoying the canopy and I was really happy that I was able to finish it to enjoy over the summer.

Happy crafting,


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Curious Garden Dance Recital 2013 / Egg carton beehive



This weekend, we celebrated Lily’s tap recital. {She takes classes at the Movement Lab.} The theme of the recital was based on Peter Brown’s book The Curious Garden (I posted about this book here). For the past month, our crafty messes have been inspired by the book and in a couple of weeks I plan to visit the actual High Line garden in New York City.


The dancers’ routines and costumes were based on different aspects of the garden, (sun, flowers, lady bugs, and bumblebees).  Lily’s tap class were the gardeners. Each dancer had a few lines and held the microphone. Her narrative introduced the bumblebees.


“As the garden continued to explore the city, new friends began to move into the neighbourhood that we had never seen before. First came the bumble bees. The flowers were very happy about this, because the bees helped spread their pollen around, which created new seeds and flowers. The garden was now growing fast.”

I made the two shirts on the far left and learned how to apply stretchy sequin trim!



Lily’s group danced to “singing in the rain.”


The show was absolutely charming and the audience was so proud of all the dancers.


For our photo shoot, we made a little beehive backdrop from egg cartons. I saw this idea on Mrs. Barbaras Blog.  Our bees are created from drinkable yogurt bottles, yellow paint and black electric tape.


Happy crafting and have a great week!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Crafting with my kids: Egg Carton Lady Bugs


We have been reading several books on beneficial insects, which led to a craft project, and a shipment of 1000 lady bugs.  We didn’t plan to release them all at once (they can be refrigerated for about 2 months) but when the bag  opened the little critters made a rush for their freedom.  Both girls were a little apprehensive at first, I think it was just the sheer number of them.

photo (1)

photo (2)


photo (4)



You can find the project instructions for these egg carton lady bugs here.   It is a quick little project for when sudden overcast skies strike.  We used googly eyes instead of sequins and painted out spots. The leaves are just scrap foam.



Happy Crafting!