Monday, May 6, 2013

Sakura Hanami / Cherry Blossom viewing 2013


It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend.  The Cherry Blossoms at High Park reached 100% bloom and we like many others took them in and had our first picnic of the season. Lily wasn’t feeling like herself, and it seems she has been fighting something. She has a mysterious virus which is apparently in the local area right now -  symptoms cyclic high fevers, fatigue, and headaches.  I hope it is short-lived, but the paediatrician says she is seeing cases last for 7 to 10 days (sigh) (flu, mono, and strep were all ruled out which is good news).

Here are few of my captures under the canopy of blossoms:


Wishing you a great week,



  1. I'm sorry Lily is under the weather. You honestly wouldn't know it by the pictures. Your girls are just precious. Such a gorgeous setting for a photoshoot.

    PS. Love the yarn poncho. So precious.

  2. Your photos are beautiful. I haven't been to High Park since I was a kid. I went to Swansea Public School and we would often walk to the park for our science class. Thanks for the memory trigger. Hope Lily feels better soon.

  3. Wow the cherries are stunning. Love the granny squares poncho!! It is absolutely adorable. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

    I hope Lily starts feeling better soon!

  4. The blossoms are exquisite and the kids look gorgeous under the trees amongst the flowers!

  5. Beautiful! You take wonderful photos.

  6. Great photos of the blossoms KJ! I love the shawl Lily has on. I hope she feels better soon!

  7. What spectacular trees! Beautiful photos of the girls amongst the blossoms. I hope Lily is feeling better soon.

  8. Hope Lily gets better soon! We've been having the same mysterious virus here (my niece and nephew for more than a week now)on this side of the globe!
    I am absolutely crazy about cherry blossomed trees! Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us!
    Also, Lily's granny square poncho is jaw dropping! Did you make it?

    1. Thanks Little Treasures, I found the granny square poncho second hand! I will take a better photo, because I am sure you will be interested in the construction. It was love at first sight!

  9. Beautiful! One of my favorite things about spring are cherry blossoms :)
    None are in bloom yet here, we had a very long winter & spring is behind schedule, but hopefully soon...

  10. Those photos of the girls with the blossom are gorgeous KJ. I do hope Lily is on the road to recovery. x

  11. Hi KJ! I just recently received a nomination for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and am now passing it onto you. Please visit this post for more details: I would love to nominate you as one of our favorite blogs! There’s no pressure to accept this award but I thought you would like to know you made our list. :) Thanks for the great posts and happy blogging!

  12. The cherry blossom photos are gorgeous. One of my favorite things about cherry blossoms is when the wind blows and it looks like it's snowing petals.

  13. The cherry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous!! As are the two little girls. Hope your Lily is feeling better very soon.


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