Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day

Earthdaycollage4(Coffee filter globes, you find tutorial here )

Can you believe it is the fourth week of spring?  For the past few weeks, my daughters and I have been working on a number of  Earth Day projects.

Yesterday, was our annual park clean up.   I have been participating in these sort of clean ups for about ten years.  It is a great way to meet people who live in your neighbourhood, I highly recommend it!

Our park is pretty special – you can (sort of) see the size from the photo below - the park covers a large city block (splash pad and pool, ice rink, playground, two diamonds, a soccer pitch, and a fenced in dog park  - a community garden has recently opened as well). Everyone takes on a small section.  After pitching in, there was a marshmallow roast and cocoa at the fire pit as well as other activities. 


This month, we also built some bird feeders at a Home Depot workshop. Glittery boots and a hammer.



The feeders are being enjoyed by feathered furry friends.


Our pansies are planted….


and our snails have returned which makes my younger daughter really happy.

Happy Earth Day,



  1. Awgh what lovely photos!
    You really do a great job with the cleanups! Your neighbourhood deserves praise!
    Your daughter is already glamorous - nailing down bird feeders while wearing glittery boots :D

  2. Great job involving your girls. A marshmallow roast was the perfect way to celebrate all their hard work. I love their sweet birdhouses. Yippee for pansies. Happy Earth day!

  3. I love snails - probably because they really aren't a problem here. I think they are very cool...

  4. Love those glittery boots, an essential part of a young lady's wardrobe I think! I'm very impressed with the bird feeders, they look extremely professional and your photo of the squirrel made me laugh. Such pesky little things.
    Happy weekend KJ x


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