Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crafting with my kids: Galaxy T-Shirts

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One of my dear friends from undergrad (we met 20 years ago!) was in town for a conference.  She stayed with us on Friday night and  wanted to do some crafting with the kids.   

We made these galaxy shirts.  The black t-shirts are all thrifted for less than 2 dollars {I resized ours with the serger}. We used this tutorial by Stars for Streetlight  (but a different fabric spray dye (sei tumble spray dye) , which really lightened up once heat set, so I would recommend spraying quite heavy if you are using sei).

This would be a fun project if you were having a crafty Star Wars party.


(vine video here)

Lily plans to wear hers when she sings for  the Space Jam and Space Commander Chris Hadfield next week.  We found some silver leggings (nearly 100% cotton  yeah!)  at Target so it’s perfect. 



This is my shirt, as taken by Lily.

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Even if you are 40ish you can wear the galaxy,



  1. Very stylish. Very cool. You always have the best crafting adventures with your girls.

  2. Kareena, these are awesome, and all three of you look like space princesses... please keep sharing these beautiful creative ideas!

  3. I like them a lot! They are all unique!

  4. I LOVE the shirts! those are really awesome. I would have never in a million years thought of something like that. Youre always coming up with such great ideas!
    And they look great on your adorable girls.
    have a great week!!

  5. What a fabulous project. We haven't done t-shirts for several years and the girls want to make t-shirts again this summer - thanks for the spur!!


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