Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crafting with my kids: Earth Day Projects


We have been working on a number of projects, including some recycled crafts to celebrate Earth Day. This is our cardboard earth.


The girls have been more interested in big projects, some projects take several days to complete.    This earth was created with cardboard, handprint, and a sponge.  The cardboard tube rocket is based on this great recycled idea at Martha.  earthcardboard

This is another “big projects” - we did this “little” self portrait a few weeks ago.  Really big mug shots.


Speaking of big projects, there is an amazing installation in my office complex which deputed earlier this week.  It is a recycled chandelier, entirely composed of clear plastic {an installation by Katherine Harvey



I love big projects!  Hope you’re having a great week,



  1. Such fantastic projects celebrating earth day. Love the self portraits (such cuties) and that plastic chandelier fixture is truly beautiful.

  2. I love the big-scale earth. Often those larger projects, which take several days to complete, achieve such a greater sense of accomplishment! That chandalier is really something - stunning!Thanks for sharing.

  3. You do the best projects with your kids. I cant wait to do things like that with my little grandbabies! I did lots of crafty stuff with my own kids,, but Im gonna step it up a notch with torry and Marlaina, and whoever else comes along!
    also, LOVE that recycled chandelier... omg... that is sooo awesome!
    have a great day!

  4. Happy Earth day !
    bravo to the artists !
    I would never guess from far away that the chandelier was made from clear plastics!!!

  5. I love the rich colored intro photos KJ! Just superb! It is really amazing that your girls have the patience to return to the project the next day. Mine usually want to finish it right there and then.
    Thank you for sharing this great project!

  6. I love the earth one in particular but the kids excitement over the self-portraits is fun too. I love funky installations like the chandelier.

    I love big scale projects - the sense of fulfillment is done is worth it but sometimes the feeling overwhelmed while in progress can undo me.


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