Thursday, April 4, 2013

Black Apple Doll


This past weekend, we shared a special milestone.  My niece celebrated her first birthday. I made her this little black apple doll.  She enjoys her dollies and putting them to sleep in their beds.  This is a easy sewing project .  You can personalize the doll in so many ways.  My girls have asked for their own dolls. Emily Martin has a picture book being released in October, so I am thinking ahead to making a couple of dolls for them as well as the book for Christmas.





and here she is in her cradle.


Sewing fine print: Pattern by Emily Martin, you can find the instructions and video at Martha Stewart Living

Sewing notes: I increased the pattern by 150% and added a 1 cm cutting allowance; the eyes and mouth are embroidered, 6 strands of floss, poly fill stuffing; hair felt; face and arms white canvas} The quilt is one block of scrappy trip around the world; Lily helped with the pillow and binding; felt apple barrette from Daiso}


Happy crafting!  It is supposed to reach double digits in these parts today.  We will be doing a happy dance!



  1. what a sweet doll for an adorable little girl! I havent made a doll in soooo long... maybe its time to make one!
    have a great day! its almost friday... I just live for the weekends!

  2. Absolutely precious. Love the fabric choices and she has the sweetest little face and pixie haircut. A sweet quilt for the doll's bed too. Darling picture of your niece. You do such beautiful work.

  3. That is the sweetest little dolly and quilt! Love the combination of bright fabrics. And your little niece is such a cutie pie! :-)

  4. This is such a capturing {project} gift! I have been in love with black apple dolls and even made a couple for gifts but never took the trouble to take photos. I love wverything about your doll - wise choice to use canvas - must make a mental note of that - I used flax. The quilt is another great addition! All in all an amazing gift for your niece!

  5. Darling photos of your adorable niece - the quilt is a sweet extra to go with the precious dolly. I remember my Mom making dolls for my Meuzelaar cousins when I was little (I had my share too - but she always made different patterns for my cousins so they stick out in my mind - grass is greener maybe? or maybe I remember them because I was far older than my Meuzelaar cousins so I was a lot older when she was making them)

  6. happy birthday to the 1 year old !
    I have not tried that little black apple doll pattern yet. Yours is adorable with the vintage sheets & green apple button from Daiso. She looks like she's having sweet dreams while sleeping with her cute matching pillow & quilt :)

  7. Aw geez, that black apple doll is sweet KJ, and it looks like she was a big hit with the birthday girl!

  8. I LOVE this little doll! It is even more sweet to see your little girl enjoying it. :0) Thanks for sharing!


  9. Your Black Apple doll came out just darling. Love all the pics too.

  10. Your doll looks gorgeous, I love her in the cradle with that fabulous quilt. Best of all I love the reception it got from the birthday girl, she clearly loved it too.
    Happy weekend KJ x

  11. So cute! Sometimes Martha's patterns aren't always up right away.


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