Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Planting with my kids: Tea Cup Wheat Grass Mini Gardens


On my Pinterest stream I spotted a lovely fairy garden in a tea cup created by Donni over at the Magic Onions.  Donni’s magical garden inspired us to grow this year’s wheat grass in a tea cup.  The little bunnies are erasers from Japan that I picked up at Daiso (San Francisco).  We added some playmobil accessories.

The wheat grass was started on  March 18th.  This is the third year that we have grown wheat grass.  On the first day, we soak the wheat berries overnight. Then place the wheat berries on a moist paper towel. We don’t use soil. The teacups are filled with paper towel only which is kept moist.  The grass begins to sprout by day 4 and these photos are taken on day 7. IMG_4762IMG_4783IMG_4778

We also sprouted some wheat berries in a small mason jar so that we could watch the germination.   At  Day 7 …


and by Day 10 - Evangeline Hope and her teacher gift …


To my friends who are celebrating Easter and Passover this week, I wish you a joyous and memorable celebration.  

Here is a glimpse of our “Easter photo shoot” which took place at the Home Depot….


Consider the lilies,


Monday, March 11, 2013

Rainbow Dance Party

I have been working through an extremely stressful period at the day job and have not had the opportunity to post about a very special milestone in our family. 
My little one turned five and she had a rainbow dance party.  We held the party at the Movement Lab, a dance studio where Lily and I take tap classes.  It is a  beautiful studio and part of a revitalized 1914 vaudeville theatre which has been transformed into a circus training school. 
As the theme was rainbows and leprechauns,  the instructors’ playlist was full of Celtic inspired tunes and dance exercises for the children.  The teachers also had Hope’s favourite One Direction song “Live while we are young” on the playlist for the finale freeze dance. The joy in Hope’s face heard the first few bars blare from the speaker was a very special moment.  Below are a few photos and the crafty details of how the party came together.
A rainbow dance party is not complete without a rainbow.  I made the crepe paper rainbow (inspired by this post).  I achieved the ruffled effect by ruffling the streamers on my sewing machine (technique here, since the tension on my machine only goes to 9, I have to increase the tension even further by slightly tightening the spool and then it ruffles nicely). The rainbow is made from three pieces of foam core. The pot of gold is black contact paper.  It came together far faster than I thought and it was a nice addition for the dance exercises. 
I had quite a bit of crepe paper left over so these crepe paper rainbows (inspired by this) were an easy project. 
I also made rainbow ribbon dance wands. You can find the project instructions at Captain Crafty.  I think the best size brush to use for these magic paint brushes would be minimum 2.5 inch.  Three inch works best with four ribbons.
The party bags were easy.  Brown lunch bags with a foam shamrock.
Rainbow headbands from Target.
Rainbow goldfish, a gold coin, and a stack of rainbow lego.  You can find the “You’re the gold at the end of my rainbow” printable here and the lucky charm treat bag here.
I also made a big number five with coffee filters, foam core board, and spray paint. The project instructions are here
It was a special day. It was the first time she had her friends come to a birthday party {her birthday falls between school breaks so we usually vacation this time of year}.
In lieu of gifts, we accepted non-perishable donations for the food bank and Hope absolutely had no problem about that . 
Peace, love and rainbows and I look forward to seeing what you have been up to!

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