Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dutch Mona Lisa and the sights and sounds of San Francisco

Ghiradelli’s special Vermeer edition dark chocolate
The past five days have been a blur.  I took the girls to San Francisco for a reunion with their aunties. 
It was Evangeline Hope’s first time to San Francisco.  Lily said her favourite part of the trip was going down Lombard Street and across the Golden Gate bridge in a 7 seat mini van.  Evangeline Hope was less decisive, but didn’t understand why we had to go home.   As far as mini milestones, I had a chance to see Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring which was on exhibition at the de Young gallery and it was my first time taking both girls solo on a flight.  It went fine!  The Aussie behind us told me upon disembarking, he was really concerned at first,  but "I didn’t hear a peep out of them" (!).   Here are a few shots of our visit. 
Fisherman’s Wharf
Mandatory Cable Car Ride
View from my sister’s balcony
Flying a kite at Ocean Beach
San Francisco Botanical Gardens
View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands
and me with the massive lens I rented!
I hope you are having a great week,


  1. Love the city of San Francisco. Looks like you guts are having a great time. Good to see.

  2. How fantastic! I'm thrilled that you were able to do this trip with your girls. You are a brave woman. Gorgeous pictures.

  3. Wow! First with the last photo! I thought you bought a new camera and didn't tell us about it! The pictures are grand!I envy you for the exhibit - must have been a fab experience!

  4. Wow!! That is a seriously massive lens. Love all the photos - your girls get bigger and more beautiful every day.

    I am envious of the "Girl with a Pearl Earring." I would love to see it (or any Vermeer for that matter).

  5. wow! what a lens!
    it looks like you had nice weather, too, no snow & I saw some sunglasses, too :)
    flowers in bloom in February is a real treat!

  6. Great weather too. I loved it when we visited San Francisco, it was freezing cold at the bridge though (even in August) and we have a classic photo of myself and the two children, all looking grumpy because daddy was taking too long. We always have a good laugh about that.
    Glad you survived that first trip, here's to many more x

  7. I forgot to ask you: did you have the opportunity to go shopping at Daiso while you were in SF?

    1. Yes, we went to two Daisos! They had some interesting new merchandise including roving wool in numerous colours!

  8. Great photos!

    I had no idea you could rent camera lenses but it makes perfect sense.

  9. You have some wonderful shots in this group! I was at first going to name a favorite, but i kept finding mire favorites!! :-)

    You are one lucky girl to stand in the presence of Girl with a Pearl Earring. I am envious.

  10. What a fantastic trip, KJ. The girls will remember this forever. Love the photos. I've never been to San Francisco, but I've always wanted to go.


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