Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Valentine Doll House Decor


This past week, we received some wonderful handmade items for our doll house.  My sister took some thrift store dolls and with a little felt and ric rac love  gave them a new life (I think one pictured above was a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy!!), transforming them into special Valentine’s Day dolls.   I believe the one below may have been one of those international costume dolls.


My bloggy friend Kim K sent us a lovely package of Valentine miniatures (cakes, chocolate boxes, and mini love notes!) Her love for miniatures and doll houses inspire us.

Final touch for this party : a kissing booth for the doll house Labrador.


We also made a kissing booth for Lily’s  poodle  (small cardboard box).


Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by!  The snow we received Friday is supposed to melt today (rain forecasted) the city will be one soggy mess.  Thinking about everyone who continues to weather this storm and the clean up.



  1. Just charming. Your mini heart-card bunting is adorable. How nice that your sister joined in the fun too!

    Valentine hugs!

  2. so cute! I love the dolls and the mini kissing booth!! Everything Looks like a lot of fun. and it reminded me of a valentine teaparty that I set up a few years ago that I will repost this morning! I wasnt gonna post today.. so thanks for the inspiration! have a great week and a Happy Valentines Day!!

  3. What a lovely set of Valentine treasures! The dolls are adorable! I bet the girls enjoyed every minute of it!

  4. the doll house sized dog kissing booth is just too adorable! who comes up with all these clever ideas? happy valentines day to you, your family, & everyone on the doll house, too :)

  5. What a fabulous dolly teaparty!! Love it!

  6. So, so cute!! I just came over from your sisters blog and have signed in for email updates!!

  7. Oh my, your doll house is so much fun to look at. Like a treasure box really The Valentine's Day decor is really sweet too!

  8. So cute! Do I spy a mini picture of your daughters?

  9. The kissing booth is darling - I love the replication of your big life! I am going to duck and run because I am sure you will throw a shoe at me - but the blond looks like she just jumped out of a cake at a bachelor party...something about the red and white and lace and stuff...I am terrible...I know...


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