Friday, February 8, 2013

Finding Nemo

A few shots of the storm!

Happy weekend. Be safe.



  1. Be safe and enjoy the fun part...making snow angels!

  2. We received quite the dump today too! Great pics!

  3. We spent the day digging out. Enjoy the snow. Great pics. Stay cozy.

  4. Whoa! This storm really means business!
    I actually enjoy snow storms as long as they stay in the "safety margin"!
    I agree with the others!The pictures are great!
    P.S. Did you find Nemo? :)

  5. here too.. I know my car is buried and my husband has to work today, so If I dont dig it out myself I wont be going anywhere today. and... Im not doing it... so I guess I'll be staying put! lol!
    enjoy the day, it is beautiful and fun if you dont have to go anywhere!

  6. How much snow did you end up getting where you live?
    This storm reminds me of the 91 Halloween blizzard we had here...
    Your daughter's poem brought to mind a children's book: I Like Winter by Lois Lenski, maybe you already know it?
    Happy winter :)

  7. We ended up getting around 25 cm. Today's paper says it will cost nearly $4 million to clean up and the snow is only expected to remain on the ground for 48 hours due to rising temperatures!

  8. Lovely - my girls built a fort last night...


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