Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crafting with my kids: Chinese New Year Longevity Noodles & CNY giveaway


This time of year,  this little space receives quite a bit of blog traffic from teachers and homeschoolers researching Chinese New Year crafting ideas.  I am posting this project early in case you want to incorporate this project into your CNY lesson plan.  This project focuses on one of the most important food symbols in Chinese cuisine.   It would be a very good project with other activities such as a noodle sensory table (include different varieties, Ramon, Udon, Vermicilli / Rice, etc.) or a cooking class. 

When Lily was about 2 1/2 years old she announced at the dinner table that it is good to eat noodles because you will live a long life.  She had heard this Chinese proverb from one of her preschool teachers and ever since we have had a special fondness for noodles (and of course, never cut a noodle).  Noodles are a symbol of longevity.


For this project, you will need some red money envelopes (the ones we used in our project are actually recycled from a friend); yarn; craft glue; scissors; and paper plates (I would have preferred gold paper plates, but I could only find red.  


Cut the red envelope into a little bowl.  Cut the yarn into 6 inch pieces, this will be the noodles (this will be the only time  you should cut a noodle!).  Glue into place on the paper plate. 


You can also add some chopsticks using thin popsicle sticks or brown paper.  Add a message if you wish.


The photos of the girls eating noodles were taken at the Pacific Mall, the largest Chinese indoor mall in North America.   It is two levels of glass stalls full of all sorts of merchants and a very large food court.




As for the giveaway, Lily picked out some CNY decorations  with hopes they could be used in a classroom or homeschool.  If you are planning a CNY unit, mention that in your comment or if you are unable to comment just email me and Lily will draw a name (on January 21) so that you will receive it in time for the lunar new year.

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year !
    Btw, when is Chinese new year?
    It would be amazing to visit the Chinese indoor mall...

    1. Thank you! The lunar New Year commences Feb. 10th, it will be the year of the snake.

  2. You know I'm jealous of your Chinese indoor mall. We're busy with CNY preparations and I'm loving this craft. Another one to add to our list. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love the decoration. BTW, I am celebrating the Chinese New Year on Feb 10. We are busing cleaning the house and setting up the Chinese New Year decoration :D Of course we used lots of REDs for the design :D

  4. Okay - the photos of your girls eating noodles are darling!! Your girls make me smile every time.

  5. That is such a neat giveaway! I can't believe it's time for Chinese New Year again! I made some pineapple tarts from scratch two years ago when I was severely home sick during CNY. Maybe I'll muster up some energy to do it again this year, even though it's a tedious whole day process!!

  6. Every year I enjoy your CNY posts and projects and this is no exception! Thank you again for sharing this wonderful project!

  7. Oh KJ!
    You made my afternoon with that lovely package of CNY treasures! Tori and I can't thank you enough. She squealed with delight at those red envelopes, especially the one with Hello Kitty.

    Please tell Lily that I will put these to use at home, and when I go to Tori's class next month, I will take them to share. And I will tell them that a special young lady and her mom sent them all the way from Canada!

    I have been trying to organize my Christmas decor storage in a different way, and so I am behind in the taking down endeavor. However, tomorrow I will complete that task, and Tori and I will begin the CNY and Valentine decorating parade! The lovelies you sent will be a perfect new addition.

    I always love your crafts with the girls. Thank you for always sharing them with all of us.

    Once again thank you so much for everything and taking the time to send them to us!

    Many Happy New Year hugs to our favorite Canadian family!


    PS--I was thrilled with your Christmas card. I have ordered our CNY greetings, so hopefully I can mail them in a couple of weeks.

  8. Another beautiful project KJ, those vibrant colours are always a delight. We visited a Chinese indoor mall before Christmas (trip to Daiso, as per your blog post :) , which was fascinating. If it's raining over CNY apparently it's the place to be.
    Please don't put us into the giveaway, let someone else have my turn after all we live in Vancouver which has a 50% Asian community!

  9. What a lovely crafting idea! We organize a CNY event every year for Belgian families with adopted children from China and this idea sounds just perfect.
    Thank you!

  10. This sounds like such a fun craft idea! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great craft! I'm heading into H's school to teach a CNY craft. We are going to make paper plate snakes.

  12. Wow, I can't believe it's CNY next week!! It's come so quickly :-)


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