Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Angels

Our family has been visiting.   My niece is now 9 months.  We dressed her in an angel costume and had a little photo shoot (evening shot, settings ISO 1600, 1/15, f1.8).

The older kids have been enjoying the snow.  We had a green Christmas, but Boxing day brought 15 cm snow, snow angels and sledding.  We have a toboggan hill in our neighbourhood, it was full of families enjoying the moment.  Last year, we had very little snow in the city (only a few centimetres which melted very quickly) so this is something special.


It is wonderful to be home and see the kids enjoying themselves.  There were presents opened this Christmas, but I really think the biggest present was for the kids to spend time together doing “escape pod” launches down the toboggan hill.

I hope you are making lots of memories,



  1. Your little angel niece is just precious. How magical to have so much beautiful snow for Christmas. Such happy pictures of your girls. We only have 3 inches. Fingers crossed for more. I love the shot of your toadstool with the snow. Darling!

  2. You niece is irresistible!! How cute is she!!

    Little Star Wars fun in the snow? Love all the pics of kids just having fun.

  3. Such fun times and beautiful captures! We too have been outdoors enjoying the snow. Here in the Ottawa Valley we got a huge snow dump on the 21st and it really hasn't stopped snowing since! We received another 25cm only yesterday!

  4. Wonderful wonderful photos!! looks like everyone was happy and having lots of fun. perfect family time!
    I'm glad you had a merry christmas.. and now... the old year comes to an end.. and its time to say... Happy New Year!
    have a great weekend!

  5. :)
    happy new year to you and your family !

  6. You got snow!! I love making snow angels, i'm sad we didn't get any snow this year, but it was exceptionally warm this year, my family and i sat outside for a Christmas picnic lunch!

  7. Great photos {the little one is precious!} of the family being together!

  8. The smiles say it all. :-) Wishing you a happy new year!

  9. Amazing photos--- your a great photographer :-)

  10. Absolutely beautiful photos KJ.
    We've been tobogganing ths morning, oh what fun it was and I think e adults may even have enjoyed it a little bit more ;)
    Happy New Year

  11. What a beautiful set of photos! One of my New Year's resolutions is to get outside more ... even though that means lots of time in the snow and cold. I'm a wimp about sledding, but am determined to do it more with my son!

  12. ok, so I just stumbled upon your blog. You're from TO. Intrigued. I just moved from there after 20 years. I notice some photos from my old hood! Many. You live around Gerrard and Greenwood? How could we not have crossed paths? Or did we?
    my blog from Toronto...

    My new blog from Nova Scotia

    you m'lady have been bookmarked! :}


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