Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Lucia Day Clothespin Dolls


Today, is Santa Lucia Day which is celebrated in Scandinavia.   To celebrate, I made these little clothespin dolls for my daughters and one for my niece (it’s her first Christmas).  I have made peg dolls before, but this is my first attempt at clothespin dolls. The tutorial is by Alicia of Posie Gets Cozy.


Black night is falling in stables and homes.
The Sun has gone away, the shadows are threatening.
Into our dark house enters with lit candles,
Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia!

The night is dark and silent; suddenly a rush
in all quiet rooms, like the waving of wings.
See, at our threshold stands, dressed in white with lights in her hair,
Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia!

(English translation of the Santa Lucia song from My Little Norway who has an excellent post on the history of the holiday in Norway)


(photo of  Santa Lucia choir taken by my sister Dec. 1, Swedish Christmas Market in San Francisco)

My blog friend Kathryn over at the Pickled Herring has an annual series on Scandinavian Christmas. It starts today.  I am going to have a little post this year so I will let you know when it comes up.  My paternal side is Norwegian and it is important to me that my girls know about their Norwegian background.

Thanks for stopping by and happy Santa Lucia Day,



  1. I love how your St Lucia clothespin dolls turned out, very nice photos of them too :)
    Happy St Lucia day !

  2. Oh my Gosh!! They are adorable! I am crazy about peg dolls - I mean totally crazy. I didn't know you had Norwegian origin - how delightful! I cannot get enough of Scandinavian traditions - I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to that. Will be pinning like mad :P

  3. Absolutely adorable. Your clothespin dolls will feel right at home in your special doll house.

  4. Those are darling - nice work...

  5. What fun. I've wanted to try something similar for a while...maybe next year. :)

  6. They look beautiful! Great idea using pipecleaners for arms and halos!


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