Friday, December 7, 2012

Crafting with kids: perishable or non-perishable?


My sister has been sending me her elf’s antics.  Her elf reminded me of a project that I didn’t have a chance to post about last year.   This is a little exercise which was part of a school project which uses food flyers to create a collage identifying whether food is perishable or not perishable.   This school project was new to me (I haven’t seen this activity posted on blogland either), but it was probably one of the most influential assignments she worked on.    Each time we receive a grocer advertisement, Lily examines the grocer flyer to determine whether the food is perishable or not perishable.


My daughters’ school runs an annual drive food drive in December. This project generates enthusiasm for my daughters identifying  food that might be appropriate for the drive…. 



  1. Great activity! I do a similar T-chart sorting activity with my kinders when we talk about healthy eating ~ "everyday foods" and "sometimes foods"!
    Nokaah's excited to be featured on your blog:)

  2. Those little elves are getting around this year!

  3. Great, great activity! Good to know for themselves what should and should;t be eaten.

  4. Yet another brilliant and sensible idea. Have you seen that I have come over to your side of the pond?

  5. What a great way to encourage critical thinking!

  6. nice visual for kids, for a tricky subject to learn (at least is was for me)


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