Monday, December 31, 2012

Auld Lang Syne {Our Robbie Burns Snowman}


This afternoon the snow changed from powder to what I call “snowman sticky.”  It was the moment we were waiting for.  The girls quickly changed into their outdoor gear and we made a Robbie Burns snowman.  The kilt was worn by my husband on our wedding day (19 1/2 years ago!).  It was handy because I used it as a Christmas tree skirt this year.  Sadly, the sporran is packed away in our attic so it was not available for this little photo shoot (must get it out for Burns night!).


Wishing you a happy New Year celebration and a blessed 2013. 

Thank you for taking the time this year to stop by and visit this little space in blogland.  As of tomorrow, I will have kept the blog up for three years!  I very much appreciate your kind response and the bloggy friends that I have met along the way.

… And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne




  1. Wishing your family a blessed new year. What a fantastic snowman. Love the girls posing with their special creation. Chris has been busy building an ice rink in the back yard. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

  2. May this one be even better year for you and your family! The fantastic Snaoman is really unique !! This is the first time I hear of the Robbie Burns Snowman :)
    And happy anni to your blog! I am deeply thankful for finding you in blogland!

  3. have fun playing in the snow !
    happy 3 years !
    so glad I 'met' you here in blogland :)

  4. Teeheee - miss the sporran! :)

    Great snowman! And as always your girls' rosy cheeks and bright eyes make me smile.

  5. Happy New Year KJ, and happy anniversary too. Love the tartaned snowman!

  6. I love "Snowman sticky" snow - it's definitely the best! :)

    Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family! So glad I know you and your blog now! :)

  7. Have a lovely 2013, KJ! The snowman looks great - we never have snow over here and imagining it would be lovely to have some cold weather! :-)


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