Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent 2012: Postage Stamp Countdown


On my Christmas sewing list was an Advent calendar. I posted back in October how my sewing pal and I found some panels at the sewing festival (the panels are by Makeower UK).  Our Advent calendars were finished just in time.   Here is the little angel hanging in the girls’ room.


The girls love angels.  This is the top of the tree in their room.


The fabric pockets are tiny squares.  Our advent is stuffed with Christmas stamps from around the world.  You can find lots sold on Etsy. I also gave the girls a beginner stamp collecting book so that they can save their stamps.


My pal has two little boys.  She made the train panel. It turned out great! 

Happy Advent!



  1. So many lovely pictures in this post. I'm sure the girls love their angel on their tree (Josie has the same one in her bedroom). What fun to start helping them a stamp collection. Gorgeous advent calendars.

    Happy December!

  2. I remember the post! Lovely stamp collection KJ! I used to collect them but stopped when I had Eva. This is one great way of making memories. The girls will appreciate this when they are older :)

  3. Your Angel Advent calendar turned out cute, I like your idea of filling the tiny pockets with international Christmas used postage stamps, I bet your girls are excited each day to fill their stamp collecting book with their 'new' postage stamp.
    Blessed Advent to you and your family.
    My 2nd son woke up early this morning so he could start his Advent calendar ~ he was just too excited!


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