Monday, November 26, 2012

Why I sew: What the Bell Ringers wore

This past weekend, we celebrated our dear friend’s wedding nuptials.  My daughters and my nephew were the bell ringers.

After the bridal party procession, the children walked down the aisle ringing the bells to signal the arrival of the bride.  I had never been to a ceremony with bell ringers, but it was a sweet touch to the program.   Bells are significant because  the bride, her parents (and many of her rellies), the maid of honour (my sister and her other sisters), the groom all went to Bell High School.  The bride and groom first met at Bell High in the 90s -  lost touch - and about two years ago bumped into each other at the Food and Wine Show and fell in love.


The girls wore white dresses.  This is my frugal tip: you can find white communion dresses at thrift shops, usually barely worn (i.e. just for the communion service).  Stitch up a cummerbund sash for an entirely different look. 

The sash fabric is a deep purple satin the same as the bride’s attendants. [I have posted before about how fancy formal dresses are one of my favourite things to purchase second hand, they are usually barely worn and the possibilities are endless].

Here is a photo of the bride and you can see the attendants.  I snapped this photo just before the ceremony.

IMG_2910IMG_2877My sister AJ and my nephew Haakon.

My daughters’  hair was done with some little twists and a touch of spray glitter and topped off with a crown of orchids.


I also stitched up some capes (the purple velvet was thrifted and a real score at four dollars . The capes were lined with the same sash fabric).


It was a happy and joyous occasion {You can see a sneak peak of the happy couple on the photographer’s blog here}.


Sewing Notes: Tutorial for the Flowergirl Cummerbund Sash  & Cape Pattern: McCalls M4703 View B

Lens Notes: I rented a Canon 24-70 mm 2.8 Lens from Headshots for the weekend.

It was such a fun wedding and in true Ottawa Valley fashion, complete with a late night poutine bar and Ottawa Senator’s groom’s cake, and a whole lotta dancing.


I will leave you with a shot of the kiddos on the dance floor….:) a little grainy, but it makes me happy.


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  1. Beautiful job, KJ. The girls look so sweet. And the capes were a perfect touch. Looks like a great time :)

  2. What gorgeous pictures of you and the girls. Brilliant idea on repurposing communion dresses. Such a beautiful wedding.

  3. Awgh.. everything is soo beautiful!
    I can only imagine the atmosphere when they walked ringing the bells.. must have been quite exciting both for the guests and the bride and groom (and how ingenious to mark the occasion with the bond from the past). The girls and Haakon are very smart in their outfits!!

  4. Can't believe I never made the connection of having bell ringers and the bride and groom meeting at "Bell" high!!
    The kids did a great job in the roles as bell ringers.

  5. I like your idea of buying barely worn white communion dresses at thrift stores. You did a fabulous sewing job on the cummerbunds & capes. You & your daughters looked just beautiful, they had such pretty hair with spray glitter & fresh flowers. What wonderful wedding memories :)

  6. Gorgeous pics. I love that you have a mix of thrift and hand sewing...what fun.

  7. They look lovely - great job Mom!!


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