Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mr. Men Bowling Shirts: Retro Bowling Party


My nephew turns 6 today and this past weekend, we celebrated his 6th birthday at the bowling alley. 


He had a really fun Mr. Men-themed retro bowling party.  For my daughters' bowling shirts, I found some boys’ shirts at the thrift shop and basically pulled off the same refashion I did here only this time with licensed Mr. Men fabric.


I also found some vintage bowling patches on Etsy, which made a unique addition to the shirts.IMG_4434IMG_3328IMG_3256IMG_3281

As you can see from the shot above, lots of smiles.

Happy birthday 6th birthday little man!


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P.S.  thanks to friends with UK connections, we were able to get a copy of the Little Miss Princess book and colouring book which is based on Will & Kate’s wedding.  How neat is that?



  1. What a fabulous party! I love the patches that you scored on etsy. I might have to borrow this idea for Josie's next birthday. Too cute!

  2. Happy birthday to the little man :)
    What a fun theme for a birthday!! I absolutely love what you did with the shirts - ingenious! And the patches ..ohh... making that extra effort to get them makes the shirts perfect!

  3. such clever ideas as always... and how cute is that book??
    have a great day :)

  4. Wow those shirts are so cute! I grew up with Little Miss and Mr Men books! I once told my mom I wanted to collect the whole series. She didn't buy me the whole collection, but bought a new book only after I was done reading one. I couldn't believe i was THAT patient!! I would love to get my hands on that Will and Kate book!! So cute!!

  5. That looks like so much fun - and the pictures just made me smile!!


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