Friday, November 9, 2012

Crafting with my kids: Remembrance Day Poppies

The girls have been practising their primary choir Remembrance Day songs all week – their favourite Remembrance Day song is Roland Majeau’s A Soldier’s Cry. 
And the soldier cries oh Canada
Be true
And strong
For me
While the girls sang, we worked on potato print poppies this week using real poppy seeds. This  is a great craft for young children that I spotted on  The Learning Curve.
I love poppy crafts.  Below, is Lily’s first poppy craft. It was a gluing craft (age 3).  I don’t save all the girls’ crafts, but I thought it was important to save the first poppy.


  1. A sweet project and such a warm, deep-hearted earnest wish by Lily! Lily's first poppy is amazing and so well kept!! I also don't save all the children's craft because that would be a sight if I did! We also tried a stamping project I am to write about soon!

  2. adorable! You are a good mother! I love the things you do with your girls.
    have a great weekend

  3. Is everything closed in Canada on Remembrance day? no work? no school?
    In the USA Nov 11 is called Veterans day, only government is closed.
    In France (if I remember correctly) everything was closed, it is their veteran's day & memorial day?
    And do you have a separate memorial day? USA memorial day is last Mon in May.

  4. What a precious craft. A beautiful tribute. I have no doubt it inspired thoughtful conversation about such a special day.

  5. Rachel, in Canada Remenbrance Day is a federal holiday, i believe much like Veteran's Day - so government offices are closed, the courts, and I believe the banks. It is my understanding that some provinces have also made it a holiday. In my province, schools remain open and a Remembrance Day assembly is an important part of the day. In May, we celebrate Victoria Day, which I believe us the weekend before the US Memorial Day.

  6. Haakon went downtown today for his first Remembrance Day ceremony at the War Memorial. At daycare, he made some amazing army puppets.

  7. I love all the time you take with the girls and get them involved with each and every holiday. My hope is that in a few weeks I can have more time to do much more with Tori and Jonathan. Time is oh so quickly slipping away with both of them.

    Such a lovely post and craft!

    Many hugs,

  8. I love prints! At school, we would always do potato printing, but we would cut shapes into the potatoes. Simple ones like triangles, stars or we'd use cookie cutters to press more elaborate animal shapes into the potatoes.

    I love experimenting with different mediums for printing too. loofahs make spectacular prints, so do balloons filled with water.

  9. Beautiful. I'm not sure why we don't have Remembrance day celebrations in Singapore though, or perhaps it is very low key, but it is something that shld be carried on to the next generation.


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