Sunday, November 4, 2012


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Sometimes we do crazy things for our kids. I entered an online YTV contest almost every day for 3 weeks, hoping we would win backstage passes to Canadian Family’s Barbie Princess and the Popstar screening.  I won.    Lily said it was the best. day. ever.   She brought one of her school friends too, so it made it even more special.


I asked Lily what she was talking about with Barbie for so long. She said, “Barbie liked our skirts… I told her sometimes my mummy doesn’t sleep at night so she sews us stuff…” These are the skirts, nothing fancy.  With the serger, I can whip two of these skirts between 2 and 3 am.


{Sewing Notes: fabric two types of Barbie fabric / Cranston Village; tutorial: Hickety Pickety ;

this licensed fabric was purchased at a very good price at Walmart in Ogdensburg and Hancocks in Santa Rosa, CA.  Each skirt probably cost less than $5)

The event included dancing and singing lessons, cookie decorating, and costume design.


I wore my David Dixon special edition Barbie shirt in point blanket colours. I had been, ahem, saving it for something special.


I know that everyone has their own views about Barbie and they are all valid.    I learned a lot about clothing construction because of Barbie and Barbie has much to do with why I sew.  At one point in time, my BFF and I sent our designs (which included what we believed were some awesome harem pants and bat-winged tops) to Mattel for consideration.  The company was very gracious and advised us that they were not hiring new designers, but would keep us in mind. )

When I was cleaning out my dad’s basement in September, I found a ton of Barbie memorabilia from the 80s, I thought I would share it here.   Enjoy and have a great week!











  1. WE are most definitely Barbie girls in this household.. I could still by Barbies for my jennifer (who is 31) for gifts and she would be thrilled. she has quite a collection. I love the old barbies from the late 60's and early 70's because of course thats when I played with them.
    HOw lucky for your girls that you won!! LOve the picture of you and your daughter in front of the barbie backdrop!
    have a great week

  2. What a great opportunity!! Congratulations. Such a darling picture of you and your daughter. I kept all my barbies...which were then passed onto Emma. Including my RV camper and airplane. Josie continues to be obsessed with superheros. I have a feeling that American girl dolls and Barbies might not be in her future.

  3. I can only imagine the excitement in your household for the amazing win!! The girls' skirts are fab but I am more interested in the one you are wearing -My Gosh - that's a piece of art!!!

  4. My boys caught the last 1/2 hour of this movie on the weekend. They were glued to the tv! They insisted they were watching it for their friend Avery who loves Barbie. A likely story. You are the best mum!

  5. OK, you win best mother award for the year. What a thrill for your girls!
    I didn't know they made Barbie fabric or that they made all those Barbie magazines/books, etc back in the 80's...
    Loved your story about sending in your Barbie clothing designs to Mattel, that is so cute :)
    When I was a little girl, I remember my first hand sewing projects were making clothes for my Barbies from my mother's fabric scraps (polyester from the 70's), anyway, I still have those Barbie doll clothes that I made & really need to dig them out of the shoebox & photograph them & blog about them :)
    As always you take your kids to the funnest places, you always have the neatest vintage items to share & I always learn something new.

  6. Thanks for the kind feedback ladies. Viv & Kim, would love to see your family collections.
    Rachel, I would absolutely love to see your Barbie fashions, I hope you will share them.
    Maya, you have a keen eye - the skirt is by a local Toronto designer, "Designs by Naomi". It is a circle skirt with a stretchy waistband made out of recycled jeans. It's kind of a fun "jean skirt".

  7. and N, the girls say you can borrow our copy of Princess and the Popstar!

  8. I knew my Barbie collection would come in handy one of these days!! I wish I could of met Barbie too!

  9. This is fantastic! How fun that you could share this with your girls. I can't believe you have a point blanket Barbie T-shirt...oh, wait, yes I can! I have so much nostalgia for Barbie from my childhood. And,
    I believe Mattel also sent us necklaces with matching smaller ones for our Barbies...consolation gifts!

  10. You are fantastic! I love that you persevered and you and your girls had a lovely evening together. What fun.

  11. Oh that is priceless, I hope Barbie was suitably impressed with the skirts! I remember so clearly the look on my girl's face when she met Snow White and Cinderella at Disneyland .. such a special moment. Just as this meeting with Barbie would be for you!


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